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Changes in HAMK Library Invoicing

Changes in HAMK Library Invoicing

14.09.2016 11:25

HAMK library invoicing has changed on September 1st, 2016. The aim of the change is to make the books circulate quicker from another customer to another and to reduce the amount of unnecessary invoicing from customers.

€.jpg​Overdue Fines

The overdue fines are the same as before, 20 cent / book / work day. The maximum fine for each book is 2 euros / book / due date (used to be 10 euros). In two weeks (used to be 10 weeks) the maximum fine of 2 euros will come up and the library system will mark the book as ‘lost’. While the book is marked as ‘lost’, you won’t be able to borrow, renew or make reservations. Once you’ve returned the book or replaced a lost one, you’ll be able to borrow, renew and make reservations again.

Overdue Notices

You will receive a total of five due date reminders and overdue notices via email. Please notice we won’t be able to guarantee the email will go through to you due to email settings or other reasons. The customers are always responsible for their own loans, their due dates, the renewals and the returns.


Once the loans are 28 days overdue, the library will invoice the customer the overdue fines, the replacement cost of the book and an extra handling cost of 30 euros. Unpaid invoices will be collected by a debt collection agency.

Please see our Library User Rules and Library Price list for more information.