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Finna is useful and saves time

Finna is useful and saves time

18.01.2016 07:00

We asked for your feedback on Finna last November. All in all Finna received high marks from HAMK users.

Most of you heard about Finna ​from the library: e-mails, Finna tutorials and recommendations from library staff reached quite a few of you. Many of you ended up in Finna through no conscious effort of your own, as library homepages links directed you there automatically.

Mostly you use Finna to find textbooks or thesis sources, usually successfully. Often you also found additional sources. That is one clear improvement on the old system: Finna offers you more information sources and often helps you with your search.

You rated Finna useful, above all, and commended it on how much time it saves you. You also found Finna easy and pleasant to use. In the future, you hoped Finna would offer more and reliable e-material as well as books. You also asked for search suggestions, with top-lists and favourites. 

Your feedback will be used to further develop Finna. Thanks for your contribution!​

>> Read HAMK library report on the survey results (in Finnish only)