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HAMK Library’s website survey

HAMK Library’s website survey

05.04.2016 09:10

We are renewing HAMK Library’s website. We collected your opinions about our current website with a small survey.

We asked for what purpose you use HAMK Library website for and how you would improve it. We received a total of 146 answers.

We are making the new website more mobile user friendly. In the survey there were 56 respondents who used a mobile device for browsing the library website and 138 respondents who used a desktop. 30 respondents were using both.

1. For what purpose do you use the HAMK Library website?

  • Searching for information
  • Renewing loans
  • Reserving books
  • I don’t use library’s website or I use it very little
  • Checking for opening hours
  • Using e-material

Our response:
Based on these responses the HAMK Library website needs to have direct and easy link to HAMK Finna, where you can do information retrieval, renew and reserve books and access e-material. The opening hours should be easily found on the website.

2. How would you improve the HAMK Library website?

Our current website was thanked for the chat-service, new books displays and being simple and functional. On the other hand, the website wasn’t simple enough and was seen old-fashioned and inflexible. The chat screen was too big. Some of you found it difficult to navigate from HAMK website to the Library’s website, it was difficult to find. 

Improvement suggestions:

  • Guides and instructions
  • New books lists at the front page
  • Opening hours at the front page
  • Databases at the front page
  • Theses at the front page
  • E-material use, guides and availability more clear
  • Less content in one page
  • Mobile friendly
  • More simple
  • Bigger titles

Our response:
Our goal is to make HAMK Library website’s structure simple and easy to use. We are continuing the chat service but will make the chat window smaller. There are lots of guides for different databases etc, we will collect them and place them easily accessible on the new website. You can look up HAMK Library’s new books on Pinterest​.

3. Some of the feedback was about HAMK Finna, which is run by the National Library of Finland.

  • Log in is difficult
  • What to do when I forget my password?
  • I can’t find my current loan information
  • Reserving books is difficult
  • You have to log in to Finna before making searches and holds for books
  • Search options were hard to use

Our response:
We will keep making more instructions and guide users to a more successful HAMK Finna use. In case you forget your password, please contact the library. You can see your loans and the due dates by logging in to HAMK Finna. You have to add your library card in to your account before you are able to see your details. The best way to make searches in Finna is to type in a keyword and hit “search”. Then limit the search with the “narrow search” -options in the right hand side. The tags, or the subject headings in all of the new English books are also in English. Some of the older ones have the subject headings only in Finnish.

Thank you for all the constructive improvement suggestions and other feedback! This makes a good start to planning the new website.

We rewarded five respondents with lunch coupons to our campus cafeterias. We have contacted the winners, congratulations!