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Nelli portal closes at the end of the year

Nelli portal closes at the end of the year

07.11.2016 09:00

Nelli portal and the old library interface will close on Dec 31st, 2016. If you still use one or both of them, this message is for you.

Nelli portal and the old library collections interface close on Dec 31st this year. You can already access all library collections in HAMK Finna, which has been in use since the autumn of 2015. 


Finna offers access to all library collections and is easy to use


HAMK Finna offers you separate tabs for library collections search and international article search. The latter contains most of the material you accessed through Nelli portal and is easy to use. When basic search is not enough, you can still directly access databases’ own user interfaces. 

Finna is easier to use than Nelli, also because you do not have to limit your search in advance. You only need to type in your search terms and limit your results. You can also easily return to the original result list. 

Saving your data in Nelli mySpace

Here are instructions on how to save your data in Nelli mySpace. Feel free to ask library staff for help.

E-Shelf content

1. Open e-Shelf

2. Check all items on shelf

3. Click Save or send checked records

4. Save or send your data by choosing from options available

My e-Journals content

1. Open My e-Journals

2. Use your browser (File -> Save) to save the data on your computer in html format. 

My databases content

Note: you can save the names of the databases, but the links will not work after Nelli has closed.

1. Open my Databases

2. Select the set

3. Use your cursor to select the content of the set and copy

4. Paste the content on a document of your choosing and save it to your computer. 

5. Repeat sets 2-4 until you have saved all your sets. 

my Searches and alerts

Unfortunately searches and alerts cannot be saved or moved from Nelli. However, you can easily recreate them in HAMK Finna. Please contact your library staff for help. 

Accessing library collections after old Vanaicat closes

If you still use the old Vanaicat interface to access library collections and your account information, all you need to do is update your links and bookmarks to the new address: You can also use library homepage to access HAMK Finna. Please contact library staff for a brief introduction to its use, or use the tutorials on HAMK Finna main page. 

The National Library of Finland has been responsible for the maintenance of the Nelli portal. They are also responsible for the technical maintenance of HAMK Finna. National Library’s offers access to the collections of all the libraries, museums and archives that have joined Finna.