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Take control of your time

Take control of your time

11.01.2016 07:00

Are you always in a rush? Do you sleep enough? Do you feel like there is never enough time?

This is how you can easily take control of your time:

1. Plan ahead: create timetables, make lists. 

2. First do your least favourite tasks, they cause you most stress when unfinished. 

3. Do right things: think about your aims and focus on things that help you reach them. 

4. Avoid interruptions: logout from Facebook, keep your mobile on silent.

5. Do one thing from start to finish before moving on to the next.

​6. Balance your contribution to your aims, goals and resources. Everything does not have to be perfect! 

For more hints on how to better manage your time, see HAMK Finna. We wish you a peaceful and happy year 2016!