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Three Fallacious Beliefs about (Thesis) Writing

Three Fallacious Beliefs about (Thesis) Writing

15.02.2016 10:50

Writing is the last phase of the thesis process.

FALSE! Writing begins before you type a single word. Writing is a tool for thinking. Start writing already when you start planning your topic. Your final thesis won’t include everything you’ve written during the process, but you never write in vain: something you wrote earlier can turn out to be of great help at a later point, when you feel totally jammed. 

Writing is an inherent gift and can’t be learned.

FALSE! Writing is a skill which can be practiced throughout a human life. 

You don’t need creativity in writing a thesis.

FALSE! Even though writing is a learnable skill, it always includes a creative process. A computer can generate a logical text, but only humans have the ability to make wise. A thesis doesn’t need to be dull and impersonal: it can also be pleasant to read.

The HAMK library offers help in thesis writing. Here are a couple of examples of thesis writi​ng guides in the Finnish context:


Hakala, Juha et al.: Creative thesis writing. A guide to development and research work. 2000. Helsinki: Gaudeamus. ​
Kananen, Jorma: Rafting through the thesis process : step by step guide to thesis research​. 2011. Jyväskylä: JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

You can also take a look at these examples: Making sense: a student’s guide to research and writing : engineering and the technical sciencesAcademic writing: a handbook for international students, and Scientific Writing : A Reader And Writer’s Guide​. 

Always make sure that your thesis follows the guidelines given by your supervisor.

Maria Lassila-Merisalo 
Project Manager, HAMK UAS Library and Information Services​