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What you wish from the library

What you wish from the library

12.01.2016 12:23

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the hoodie competition in November and gave us valuable feedback, thank you! We asked what you wish from HAMK library and you responded, thank you!

Your feedback mainly focused on the number and age of textbooks and on how library marketing reaches you. You also asked for fiction in English, quiet study areas and better opening hours. It seems that our e-materials are not as familiar to you as we would hope. We also received  thanks for our current services, thank you for that!

Our response

So what have we done with your feedback? We have talked it through and started working on improvements. We promise to buy more social work text books, we promise to pay more attention to advertising our materials and to give tips on how and where you can find information on your subject. During the Christmas break we removed a lot of the old editions and other old books from our collections. This is part of our routine work throughout the year.

​Our collections

As a University of Applied Sciences library we buy professional material suited for HAMK and HAMI degree programmes. Unfortunately we cannot afford fiction, as well. Municipal libraries have excellent collections of fiction, also in e-books, they’re well worth a look!

​Our e-material

We advertise our e-books and e-material in Yammer, Facebook and on our website​. We have also listed some of our new books in Pinterest, check it out! We try to get the e-version of the book whenever it’s possible.

​Suggest new books

You can suggest new books to be acquired for HAMK library. If you know of a good book that would fit in HAMK library’s collections, if you need a book for your studies and we don’t yet have it, or you wish for more copies of a certain book, please leave your suggestion on the online form

​Study areas

Group studying can be loud and we have tried to create some more quiet space in the library, with quiet study rooms or with special, noice-cancelling chairs. We ask everyone to be considerate to others, it is difficult while other people would like peace and quiet and others would like to work loudly in a group.

​Opening hours

We have added self-service hours to our regular opening hours in the campus libraries where possible. During self-service hours you can borrow and return books using self-service machines and pick up reservations. You can study and work in the library and use computers, scanners and printers.

​More feedback

We are hoping to hear more of your opinions through the year, please leave us feedback anytime on any of our channels!