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HAMK research units get new names

HAMK research units get new names

11.12.2018 13:00

HAMK University of Applied Sciences is updating the names of its research units. The units will now be called HAMK Bio, HAMK Edu, HAMK Smart, and HAMK Tech.


HAMK University of Applied Sciences is renaming its research units. In future, HAMK’s Research Unit for Bioeconomy will be known as HAMK Bio, the Research Unit for Professional Excellence will become HAMK Edu, the Research Unit for Smart Services will become HAMK Smart, and the Sheet Metal and Development Centre will become HAMK Tech. The upcoming changes are part of the new HAMK operational strategy, which is due to be published early next year.

The new names are intended to harmonise the look and feel of these important research units and better showcase HAMK on the international stage.

‘We want HAMK to be an internationally significant education centre by 2030, especially in the area of applied research. By streamlining the unit names, we are taking an important step towards achieving this goal’, says Vice Rector of HAMK, Janne Salminen.

Sheet Metal and Development Centre is now HAMK Tech

One of the more notable name-changes is that of the former Sheet Metal and Development Centre, which will be now be known as HAMK Tech. The research centre has operated for twenty years and achieved international recognition for its outstanding contribution to its original field of interest; research into sheet metal and steel structures. Today, though, the unit has significantly expanded its research horizons.

In the eyes of the research unit’s director, Jarmo Havula, the new name represents a natural move towards the development of the whole organisation.

‘Our R&D activities have become much more extensive in recent years – moving into new areas and technological applications. Nowadays, our work includes things like 3D technology, energy-efficient construction, and R&D work connected to industrial automation. HAMK Tech conveys our current operations better than before and will allow us to continue expanding our research interests into the future, too’, Jarmo explains.

For more information:

Janne Salminen, Vice Rector, HAMK, +358 (0)50 342 9569, janne.salminen@hamk.fi
Jarmo Havula, Director of Research Unit, HAMK Tech, +358 (0)40 824 1955 , jarmo.havula@hamk.fi
Annukka Pakarinen, Director of Research Unit, HAMK Bio, +358 (0)50 300 1827, annukka.pakarinen@hamk.fi
Martti Majuri, Director of Research Unit, HAMK Edu, +358 (0)40 587 9883, martti.majuri@hamk.fi
Vesa Salminen, Director of Research Unit, HAMK Smart, +358 (0)50 469 9945, vesa.salminen@hamk.fi



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