Library self-service begins in Visamäki - Häme University of applied sciences
Library self-service begins in Visamäki

Library self-service begins in Visamäki

27.08.2018 08:26

Starting on August 27th, 2018, HAMK main library in Hämeenlinna University Centre in Visamäki will be open for HAMK students also outside the official opening hours.

Visamäki library self-service makes it possible for you to use the library for example in the morning, evening and weekends. In order to access the library premises you will have to use your personal key card to the campus. Library is open for self-service during the times when it is permitted to access the building. You will have to leave the premises on time before the alarms are turned on at 10pm.

How to use library

You automatically have the library self-service access if

  • you are a HAMK student
  • your library card is valid
  • your overdue fines are under 10 euros.

Use the library doors on the 2nd floor in both C and D buildings during the self-service hours. Emergency exit is for emergencies only.

Your personal key card is only for your own use, it is forbidden to even temporarily hand it over to someone else. It is also forbidden to let anyone else into the library premises with your card.

If you are in the library when the library closes and the library self-service hours begin, you will have to check in to the library with your key card. You can do this at the library doors.

Borrow and return material using the self-check machines. If the self-check machines are not working for any reason, you’re not allowed to take the material out of the library. You can only take out books that are borrowed to you.

Library collection in building D (Arts, call numbers 7 – 792.01) is not accessible during the self-service hours.

There are surveillance cameras in the library. The data will be used to solve any issues and to prevent them.

HAMK library self-service rules. Breaking the rules will result in the loss of access rights.

If you have questions about the library self-service, please don’t hesitate to ask the library staff for more information.

No staff in the library? Follow these instructions

What can you do during the self-service hours?

  • Borrow material using the self-check machine (your default pin code is your date of birth as ddmmyy)
  • Return loans with the self-check machine
  • Pick up and borrow reservations
  • Use the library collections
  • Use the computers, scanner, printer and other equipment in the library
  • Use the library premises to study

What you can not do during the self-service hours?

  • Borrow journals (read only inside the library)
  • Get a new library card
  • Pick up interlibrary loans
  • Order interlibrary loans
  • Have personal customer service

Please keep the library clean and tidy and respect your fellow students, do not disturb their work.