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Summertime library services

Summertime library services

20.06.2019 09:25

Even though HAMK libraries are closed for the summer holidays, from 20 June until 5 August 2019, you can keep using the library for studying and you can borrow books as library self-service. You can also keep using HAMK Finna with all the e-books, e-journals and e-databases with your HAMK username and password. HAMK libraries are opening again after summer on Tue 6 August in Hämeenlinna and on Tue 13 August in other campuses.

Library services in summer:

Library self-service

  • You can access the library with your HAMK key card (you will also need to have a valid library card and your library fees must be less than 10 €). Library self-service is possible when the access to the building is permitted.
  • You can borrow and return books using the library self-check machines. (Your loans will show up in your library account immediately.)
    • For borrowing books, you will need a library card or the library card barcode. You can find your library card barcode in you library card, in your account in HAMK Finna and in HAMK App.

Return boxes

  • If you don’t have a key card access to the library, you can return your loans in the return boxes outside the library doors.
  • You can also return loans in the return box outside building D in Hämeenlinna University Centre in case you can’t enter the building.
  • You will see the returned books in your library account when they are returned in the library system. We will do this when the library is open again on 6 Aug in Hämeenlinna and on 13 Aug in other campuses.


  • You can make reservations only for items that are out on loan, not to the ones in the bookshelves.
  • Reservations are not delivered during summer.

HAMK Finna and e-materials

  • HAMK Finna and e-books, e-journals and e-databases are available 24/7 with your HAMK username and password.

Customer service

  • We will reply to your emails and phone calls when we are back from our holidays in August.

Due dates and library fees

  • During the library summer break there will be no due dates or late fees for your loans.
  • If you have library fees, you can pay them in HAMK Finna with your credit card or Finnish banking details.

Enjoy your summer!