Terveellinen digitalo project of HAMK Smart and HAMK Tech presented at Automaatiopäivät23 - Häme University of applied sciences
Terveellinen digitalo project of HAMK Smart and HAMK Tech presented at Automaatiopäivät23

Terveellinen digitalo project of HAMK Smart and HAMK Tech presented at Automaatiopäivät23

17.05.2019 10:38

The energy efficiency research group of HAMK Tech systematically develops new research talent and the future of the group’s research activities. In just a couple of years, two generations of young researchers have made their debut in presenting their work to wider audiences, and more are to come. On 15-16 May studies related to the project Terveellinen Digitalo – Healthy Digital Buildings were presented in the conference Automaatiopäivät23 in Oulu, Finland.


Project researchers Khoa Dang (HAMK Tech), Igor Trotskii (HAMK Smart), along with Sy Nguyen and Dat Huynh, research assistants at HAMK Tech (in the photo above), participated in the conference Automaatiopäivät23 in Oulu. The conference was organized by the Finnish Society of Automation (SAS) and it is the society’s representative seminar in the fields of process, factory, building and production automation as well as digitalization in automation. The general theme of the conference was “The Future of Automation – Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud?”.

Khoa Dang

Igor Trotskii

Under the topics of IoT and cloud services, automation in buildings and control design, HAMK presented four different studies related to the research project “Terveellinen Digitalo – Healthy Digital Buildings”:

  • Data Strategy in Service Development: Case Study for a facility management service company utilizing IoT – Jukka Pulkkinen and Igor Trotskii
  • Architecture for Automation System Metrics Collection, Visualization and Data Engineering – HAMK Sheet Metal Center Building Automation Case Study – Khoa Dang and Igor Trotskii
  • Engaging building automation data visualization using Building Information Modelling and Progressive Web Application – Dat Huynh and Sy Nguyen
  • Unsupervised machine learning model for heat flow monitoring in a geothermal energy storage in a near-zero-energy building – Igor Trotskii and Jukka Pulkkinen

The research project is carried out in cooperation between the research units HAMK Smart and HAMK Tech of Häme University of Applied Sciences.

The overarching theme of all studies was digital transformation, AI and IoT applied to buildings. In detail, the studies revolved around how operational data, IoT technologies and BIM in combination with AI are leveraged to improve building energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, constructing user-centric visualization interfaces and finally develop new service models for building operations.

The results of the studies will be published in the conference proceedings on SAS website and proceedings publication ”Open Engineering Automation in Finland 2019 Special Issue”.