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What does HAMK library offer for students?

What does HAMK library offer for students?

15.01.2019 16:20

HAMK library provides material and collections for your studies and helps you to find it. HAMK library customer service is located in all seven HAMK campuses and online. It is free to register as a HAMK library customer and to use HAMK library services. HAMK library is open for everyone.

Cartoon students onlineRegister as a HAMK library customer

  • Register as a HAMK library customer at any of our campus libraries. You will need to bring a valid photo ID with you. Please fill in the customer registration form in advance to speed up the process.
  • You can use your student card as a library card. You will need to activate it as your library card at one our campus libraries.
  • You can find HAMK campus libraries’ locations and contact details in the library web page.

HAMK library collections

  • You can find all HAMK library material in our web library HAMK Finna.
  • To access the electronic material (e-books, e-journals, databases) you will need to log in HAMK Finna with your HAMK username and password.
  • For printed material, as a HAMK library customer, you can use all the material in all HAMK campus libraries free of charge. You can make reservations to books located in any of the campus libraries and choose the campus where you want to pick them up from. Please notice, making reservations is free of charge, but if you don’t pick up your reservation from the library on time or cancel it, there will be a 5-euro fee. So remember to cancel your reservation if you don’t need the book anymore or if you won’t be able pick it up on time.

Guidance in information searching

  • As a part of your studies you will get guidance to help you find reliable information for your studies. You can also always come to the library information desk for help.
  • In the library web page there are detailed instructions about finding the right information sources. Please read the “why”, “how” and “what” articles in the Help In Information Searching section in the library web page.

Library self-service

  • As a HAMK student you will be able to use the library even outside the official library opening hours. This is called library self-service. You will have the access for library self-service if you have a valid library card, your library fees are under 10 euros and you have a valid key card to the campus.
  • During the self-service hours you will be able to stay and study at the library, borrow and return books using the borrowing machine and pick up and borrow your reservations. Library self-service is possible in all HAMK campus libraries.
  • Please find more detailed information about library self-service at the library web page.

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