December opening hours and library self-service during Christmas break - Häme University of applied sciences
December opening hours and library self-service during Christmas break

December opening hours and library self-service during Christmas break

07.12.2020 10:59


Opening hours during December

HAMK campus library staff will be on campus at the following days from 9.30 am – 12 noon and 1 pm – 3 pm:

  • Evo and Lepaa on Wednesdays 9.12. and 16.12.
  • Forssa and Mustiala on Tuesdays 8.12. and 15.12.
  • Riihimäki on Fridays 11.12. and 18.12.
  • Valkeakoski on Thursdays 10.12. and 17.12.
  • Hämeenlinna University Centre Library is open Mon – Fri till 18.12., staff will be available from 9 am – 12 noon and 1 pm – 3 pm. 

NOTICE: The outdoors of Evo and Riihimäki campuses are closed. You can access the premises with a key card.

21 December 202010 January 2021 all HAMK libraries are CLOSED

NOTICE: Inter-library loan service is closed from Thursday 17 December to Sunday 10 January. Library neither orders nor delivers inter-library loans during that time.

Mon 11 Jan 2021 onwards, see opening hours from the webpage.

Library self-service during Christmas break

You can access all HAMK libraries as self-service during Christmas holidays. You will need your HAMK key card to access the library and your library card to borrow books with the library self-check machines. You can also use the library computers and space for studying. Please see more detailed information about library services during Christmas holidays below.

Library self-service

  • You can access the library with your HAMK key card (you will also need to have a valid library card and your library fees must be less than 10 €).
  • Library self-service is possible when the access to the building is permitted.
  • You can borrow and return books using the library self-check machines. (Your loans will show up in your library account immediately.)
    • For borrowing books, you will need a library card or the library card barcode. You can find your library card barcode in you library card, in your account in HAMK Finna.

Return boxes

  • If you don’t have a key card access to the library, you can return your loans in the return boxes outside the library doors.
  • You can also return loans in the return box outside building D (in Visakaarre street) in Hämeenlinna University Centre in case you can’t enter the building.
  • You will see the returned books in your library account when they are returned in the library system. We will do this when the library is open again in January.


  • We will deliver all book reservations after the holidays.

Inter-library loan service

Inter-library loan service is closed from Thursday, Dec 17th to Sunday, January 10th. Library neither orders nor delivers inter-library loans during that time.

HAMK Finna and e-materials

  • HAMK Finna and e-books, e-journals and e-databases are available 24/7 with your HAMK username and password also during Christmas break.

Help with information search

Customer service

  • We will reply to your emails and phone calls when we are back from our holidays.

Due dates and library fees

  • Renew your loan in HAMK Finna to get the 11th of Jan as the due date.
  • During the library Christmas break there will be no due dates or late fees for your loans.
  • If you have library fees, you can pay them in HAMK Finna with your credit card or Finnish banking details.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone!

Let’s count days for Christmas. Check the library’s Advent calendar every day to find something new and exciting! Advent Calendar 2020