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Exchange periods abroad being planned normally for next autumn

Exchange periods abroad being planned normally for next autumn

19.05.2020 09:26

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) plans to normally carry out student and trainee exchange periods abroad in the autumn semester 2020. HAMK is also prepared to accept incoming exchange students in the autumn semester 2020.

The coronavirus situation nevertheless causes uncertainty concerning the exchange periods. HAMK is closely following the situation and is prepared to make to changes if necessary. Higher education institutions decide on the implementation of the student’s exchange period based on the recommendations of the authorities of Finland and their own country.

Due to this uncertainly, HAMK advises both outgoing and incoming exchange students not to make any travel or accommodation arrangements until as late as possible. Students should make sure that travel and accommodation reservations also include cancellation and change policies. As always, students must have their own comprehensive travel insurance.

Students should also be prepared for the option that the host higher education institution will offer more online courses than usually. Incoming students will also be advised that in autumn some of HAMK’s studies may be offered online.

As we have previously announced, new international degree students will start their studies on schedule at HAMK. In autumn 2020, HAMK´s international degree programmes will start online, either partially or fully. This ensures that all international students can start their studies despite the global Coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions. 

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Kati Heikkinen
Head of International Affairs
HAMK International