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HAMK strengthens the export of expertise and research related to climate change in Africa
HAMKin kumppaneita Afrikassa

HAMK strengthens the export of expertise and research related to climate change in Africa

12.11.2020 13:09

Häme University of Applied Sciences has prepared an action programme aimed at creating jobs and wealth in Africa in a multidisciplinary manner, in cooperation with local partners.


The objective is to support local educational organisations and develop teacher education and training systems, with a special focus on the quality and accessibility of education. Another main objective is to strengthen research in order to address the challenges posed by climate change, and, in particular, to be involved in the development of African agriculture and forestry education in line with the principles of sustainable development. Another important aspect is to strengthen expertise at HAMK regarding Africa and to give students opportunities to learn about global development issues.

Recently, significant funding has been received for several projects for reforming agricultural, bioecnomy and forestry entrepreneurship education. By using modern learning methods, such as digital solutions and problem-based learning, education can be made available for as many as possible. In addition, solutions are being created to support the competence of vocational teachers. Partners of various projects include Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Ghana Somalia.

HAMK’s Africa action programme also aims at creating a strong cooperation network. At the moment, partners include organisations, companies and several universities operating in Africa, such as Egerton University in Kenya, which is one of the best agricultural universities on the continent, with Aalto University as one the partners from Finland. Especially cooperation in the bio sector will provide new business opportunities for companies in the Kanta-Häme region.

The action programme is underpinned by the view that development in Africa is an essential factor for the future of our world.
“Africa has the highest rate of poverty and the fastest population growth, and climate change will strike there the hardest. We need research cooperation that helps to combat and adapt to climate change, as well as education reform that can improve general well-being”, says Eija Laitinen, Principal Research Scientist at the HAMK Bio Research Unit.

HAMK has strengths in Africa

HAMK has a long history of various development projects and cooperation in developing countries on different continents. Over the past ten years, HAMK has also been working in Africa on projects such as for developing water and sanitation solutions and energy-friendly and environmentally friendly housing, and promoting the export of renewable energy by Finnish SMEs. Partners have included more than ten African countries.

“Our strength in Africa is not only the experience from previous projects, but also our competence in sustainable development, bioeconomy and teacher education, as well as various learning environments that have the potential to develop organic farming, new cultivation technologies, carbon sequestration mechanisms or interdisciplinary cooperation, for example”, says Annukka Pakarinen, Director of the HAMK Bio Research Unit.

For its part, the Africa action programme contributes to the implementation of HAMK’s general strategy aimed at increasing internationalisation, promoting research cooperation, and solving globally critical problems.

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Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä
Vice Rector
Häme University of Applied Sciences

Eija Laitinen
Principal Research Scientist
HAMK Bio Research Unit
Häme University of Applied Sciences

Martti Majuri
Director of the HAMK Edu Research Unit
Häme University of Applied Sciences

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