HAMK’s academic year starts gradually - Häme University of applied sciences
HAMK’s academic year starts gradually
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HAMK’s academic year starts gradually

05.08.2020 08:42

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is actively following the development of the coronavirus situation. HAMK is taking actions to further slow down the possible second wave by avoiding overcrowding at our campuses and unnecessary travelling.


During the first module (24.8. –23.10.2020), only new students will start full-scale contact lessons on campus. This is important so that these students can form groups, meet new peer students and teachers and start their studies in an organised way.

Second, third and fourth year students will start their studies using the hybrid model. Contact lessons can start, for example, as lab exercises, module projects and different small groups. It is also possible to organise contact lectures if social distancing guidelines can be followed. Full-scale contact lessons will start at the beginning of the second module, starting 26.10.2020.

The remote work recommendation has ended for staff, but physical contact should be limited to be as small as possible. Meetings, seminars, and public events will continue to be mainly organised remotely.

Travelling is not recommended. If it is necessary to travel, special care should be taken, and the guidelines of the authorities should be followed.

In case of having flu symptoms, one is not allowed to come to the campus. Each person is responsible for taking care of good personal hygiene.