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NextSteps@TechVET project will improve work-based learning methods

NextSteps@TechVET project will improve work-based learning methods

28.10.2020 15:27

NextSteps@TechVET project aims to promote WBL in all its forms, by involving companies and VET providers and targets VET institutions, especially VET teachers and their connections in the world of work such as workplace instructors, managers and HR. Through these target groups, the project also benefits VET students.


The ERASMUS + KA2 Strategic partnerships project promotes WBL and teachers’ and trainers’ professional development through the recognition of the current state and development needs regarding cooperation between VET institutions and the world of work; especially focusing on guidance (incl. career guidance and workplace guidance in physical and digital environments); development of pedagogically considered educational materials to support guidance skills and cooperation between education and work; promotion of best practices for WBL from the perspectives of teachers, students and the world of work and the improvement, recognition and accreditation of guidance skills through the development of digital open badge-driven learning process. The project runs for 36 months starting on 1.9.2020 and finishing on 31.8.2023. The project also includes 15 companies as associated partners. The number of associated partners is expected to increase during the project.


Backgrounds for the project

In the rapidly changing and globalizing world, vocational education and training (VET) is expected to answer to the constantly changing skills and competence needs. This labor market responsiveness of VET is increasingly promoted by bridging the gap between education and work, often through increasing work-based learning (WBL). However, this kind of approach is not without problems as it sets new expectations for vocational teachers, vocational teacher education, as well as for workplaces that should participate in training.


The need for professional development regarding cooperation between education and work and guidance skills (including both career guidance and workplace guidance) have been recognized through the Finnish national Teformi project (European Social Fund, ESF), during which, the participating partner organizations are encouraged to cooperate with their networks and partners.


Project team:
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland, Coordinator
Vidzemes Tehnoloģiju un dizaina tehnikums, Latvia
Koulutuskuntayhtymä Tavastia, Finland
Tallinna Lasnamäe Mehaanikakool, Estonia
Kouvolan seudun ammattiopisto, Finland
Stichting voor Christelijk beroepsonderwijs en volwassen educatie Friesland/Flevoland, The Netherlands.

NextSteps@TechVET project has been funded with support from the European Commission, under ERASMUS+, with the reference number 2020-1-FI01-KA202-066596.