Application period to International Professional Teacher Education has begun 5 January 2021 - Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
Application period to International Professional Teacher Education has begun 5 January 2021

Application period to International Professional Teacher Education has begun 5 January 2021

05.01.2021 09:46

During the teacher education online programme 13 months, you will learn to guide the learning of different learners and the use of diverse learning environments in your teaching. You will also learn how to develop your skills in planning and conducting teaching, guidance methods, competence assessment, dialogical skills, working in networks and understanding of different theories and concepts in education sciences.

What will you become?

After graduating, you are a teacher who has completed the professional teacher education and training that qualifies for teaching in Finland. You can work as a teacher in vocational education and possibly in the universities of applied sciences. The education is also useful in different staff development tasks in companies and work communities.

Application schedule to Professional Teacher Education in 2021

  • Application period begins 5.1.2021
  • Application period ends 21.1.2021, 15.00 Finnish time
  • Documents to online application by 28.1.2021, 15.00 Finnish time
  • Recognitions 23.3.2021
  • Information on admissions 31.3.2021
  • Confirmation of study place 9.4.2021, 15.00 Finnish time
  • Studies begin Autumn 2021

Requirements for applicants are mainly

  • a relevant degree completed in a university or University of Applied Sciences and
  • a minimum of three or five years’ work experience in a field corresponding to the degree. In some cases there are no requirement for work experience.

Professional teacher education is targeted both at those intending to become teachers in Finland and those already working as teachers who have not completed pedagogical studies. The qualification requirements are somewhat ambiguous, as eligibility is determined by the applicant’s existing degree and work experience. The reason for this is that professional teacher education is intended both for teachers of professional studies and for general subject teachers (studies that complement vocational skills). Different qualification requirements apply to these two groups of teachers. The major subject/orientation of the degree on which your application is based determines whether you belong to applicants seeking qualification as teachers of vocational subjects or to applicants seeking qualification as teachers of general subjects. In addition, the qualification requirements are not the same for teachers in different vocational fields. In some cases, eligibility is determined by whether or not the applicant is working as a professional teacher.

Anyone with the educational qualifications and work experience required for a teaching post at an institute of vocational education or a University of Applied Sciences can apply for a Professional Teacher Education programme (for more information, please see Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, section 25).

Work experience required for eligibility means professional, non-teaching work experience from the field of the degree on which the application is based. The education on which the eligibility is based must be completed and the work experience must be acquired by the end of the application period.

Study group 2021-2022

International Professional Teacher Education online programme 13 months (separate admission group)

  • Programme is recommended for individuals from Finland or abroad, who wish to complete their professional teacher education in English or who do not have the required skills in the Finnish language to qualify for similar programmes conducted in Finnish.
  • Aim of this programme is to provide the teacher students with the knowledge and competencies to teach and work in international learning environments. An additional goal is to develop teacher students’ capacity to guide culturally diverse student groups.
  • Teaching language of the programme is English. The applicant’s English language level must be IELTS 6/ CEFR B2 plus. The applicant may be interviewed in order to determine language proficiency or be required to present a formal language certificate.
  • Studying in online programme requires good IT skills and sufficient technical equipment.
  • Online programme includes online meetings with lecturers, group work and independent study. The programme includes also practical teacher training.
  • Programme begins in 19th-20th of August 2021 and ends in 30th of September 2022.
  • The group can be chosen by both the applicants who have completed Basic studies in educational sciences and also by the applicants who have not.
  • Students will be ranked and selected based on their application score regardless of their fields of education.

Further information:

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