HAMK libraries are closed on the winter break 1-7 March 2021 - Häme University of applied sciences
HAMK libraries are closed on the winter break 1-7 March 2021

HAMK libraries are closed on the winter break 1-7 March 2021

18.02.2021 09:39

All HAMK libraries are closed during the winter break. HAMK students and staff can access HAMK libraries as self-service during the winter break. You will need your HAMK key card to access the library and your library card to borrow books with the library loan-return machines. Login on HAMK Finna by using HAMK account gives access to the e-materials 24/7.

Please see more detailed information about the self-service library below.

Who can use the library self-service?

You can use the library during the self-service hours if you are a HAMK student or a staff member, you have a valid library card, your library fees are less than 10€ and you have a valid key card to the campus. The key card can be activated to your HAMKO student card, or you can have a separate key card.

How to access the library?

To access the library during the library self-service hours, you will need to check in to the library with your campus key card. The key card is personal, and you are not allowed to let anyone else in to the library with your key card. Everybody entering the library has to log themselves in to the library with their own key cards. If you are staying in the library after the library closing time, you will need to go and log yourself in to the library at the library door.

What can you do during the self-service hours?

During the library self-service hours, you can study and use the computers and equipment provided for HAMK library customers. You can borrow and return books and pick up and borrow your reservations. Please don’t take out books that haven’t been borrowed to you. If the borrowing machine is not working for any reason, please leave the books in the library. We recommend the use of face mask in the library.

When is the library self-service open?

The library self-service is open every day from 7am until 10pm. The library and the campus building both need to be empty by 10pm when the alarms are turned on. Anyone who stays in the building for too long, will get an invoice from the security for the false alarm.

There is a recording video surveillance in the library.

Please keep the library tidy and respect your fellow students! Remember to use face mask.

Have a sunny winter break!