HAMK's Coronavirus guidelines 22.12.2021 - Häme University of applied sciences
HAMK’s Coronavirus guidelines 22.12.2021

HAMK’s Coronavirus guidelines 22.12.2021

22.12.2021 15:10

On 22 December 2021, the Ministry of Education and Culture instructed higher education institutions on the current Covid situation’s impact on practical arrangements. Universities were instructed to independently decide on arrangements regarding teaching per se.

At Häme University of Applied Sciences, large group lectures can temporarily be transferred online in the 8-16 model until 16 January. All small group teaching, including laborations, project work, etc. will continue as usual. Häme University of Applied Sciences will not close its campuses for the time being, but if guidelines of the Regional State Administrative Authority change, we will inform about this again. Possible changes to guidelines affecting group sizes are expected in the following week. Public spaces such as the library and cafeteria will remain open, but large gatherings must be avoided. Sports facilities can be used in accordance to the guidelines imposed by the Regional State Administrative Authority.

Häme University of Applied Sciences recommends remote work to staff until 16 January 2022 if presence on campus is not necessary for tasks related to teaching. Häme University of Applied Sciences requires the use of masks in classrooms and public spaces. We also encourage self-testing for Covid and vaccination.

The situation will be reassessed in January, when the authorities’ guidelines are specified.