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Remember to do these library matters before Summer

Remember to do these library matters before Summer

09.06.2021 13:37

HAMK Library customer service is open till 18 June. We will inform you about library services and when we open again in the beginning of Autumn semester 2021. HAMK Finna with all the e-books, e-journals and e-databases is available all summer 24/7 with your HAMK username and password. 

Do you have HAMK library books on loan? You should check your loans and due dates by logging in on HAMK Finna: If your loans are overdue, please, renew or return them.

See more information about the loan renewals and returning practices below.

Notice that the campus doors are closed and you will need HAMK key card to get in.

Renewal Limit

The loan renewal limit is 10 times. When the renewal limit has been met, you must return your loans to the HAMK Library. If you still need the books, you can borrow them again in the library, provided that there are no reservations for them.

Renew Your Loans on HAMK Finna

You can renew your loans if there are no reservations for them, or they haven’t been marked as ‘lost’ due to the long delay. Please note that if you have fees exceeding €10 that you owe to the library; you can’t renew your loans.

You can pay your fees online on HAMK Finna. Link to the online payment instructions:

How to Return Loans

You can return your loans to any of our HAMK campus libraries, if you have a HAMK key card and you have less than € 10 fees to the library. You can enter the library premises with the key card and return the loans using the self-service machines.

If you return your loans to the book return box on campus, please note that the library staff will empty the box only when they are visiting in the campus. The books left in the return box will be returned from your loan list when they have been processed by staff in the customer service.

HAMK library’s only outdoor return box is in Hämeenlinna University Centre: building D, in Visakaarre street, next to the main entrance (a black box, it says “Library book returns”). Please do not leave books outside the box if it’s full. Unfortunately, other campuses do not have an outdoor book return box.

It is also possible to mail books. In this case, please contact HAMK Library customer service first for further instructions. Below you will find our customer service contact information.

Customer service

Please contact HAMK library’s customer service if you have any questions.

Customer service is available via phone +358 3 646 4700 and email ( till 18 June: Mon–Thu from 9am to 3pm and Fri from 10am to 3pm.

You can send us email even after 18 June but we will answer to them in the beginning of August.

If you can’t return the books to campus using key card or leaving them to the outdoor return box in Hämeenlinna University Centre before 18 June, you can return your loans again on August.

Have a relaxing Summer!

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