Answers to questions from library user survey - Häme University of applied sciences
Answers to questions from library user survey

Answers to questions from library user survey

02.12.2022 13:26

Thank you to everyone who took the national UAS libraries’ user survey! In this news post we will answer some questions that the survey brought up. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback and ideas for improvement!

Is the library on self-service on the weekends?

Yes! All HAMK libraries are on self-service for HAMK students and staff also on weekends. Self-service is possible with the key card every day from 8 am to 8 pm. Please remember that your key card has a PIN-code that you will need to use during evenings and weekends.

Can I visit the library if I have more than 10 € of fines?

Yes! If you have more than 10 € of library fines, you can’t borrow or renew loans. However, you can still visit the library on self-service with the key card. You can use the library for studying and reading books there even when you can’t borrow. This change started out as a trial, and we are sorry that we have not informed about it being a permanent change! All the guides online and in the libraries should be updated: please notify us, if you see any wrong information anywhere!

Could Hämeenlinna University Centre library’s opening hours be longer?

We have been planning to test evening opening hours for some time now. Unfortunately, our resources have been too limited for it. We are keeping this in mind!

How can I return books when the library is closed?

We have an outdoor drop-box for books in Hämeenlinna University Centre library. The black drop-box is located along Visakaarre-road next to door D. It is attached to the wall. You can find the University Centre map here.
Unfortunately, there is no outdoor drop-boxes on other campuses.
You can also return books via mail. Ask for mailing instructions through email:

I am having problems with e-books. Where can I find help?

We have multiple e-book services, which all work a bit differently. First, you should look for instructions from the service’s own help-section. You can find solutions to common problems in the FAQ section in HAMK Finna’s E-material help. If neither of those help, please email us at and we will get back to you on the next weekday at the latest. Detailed description or a screen shot of the problem helps us find the solution for you.

Why doesn’t the library have a specific material that I need in my studies?

We try our best, but we do not automatically get a list of all the material needed in the courses. If we do not have something you need, please tell us via email or make an acquisition request with the form in HAMK Finna. We will answer you on the next weekday, if not before.

How can I get help for information searching?

HAMK Finna, HAMK’s Kaltura and the library’s website have tons of tips for information search and using different data bases.
HAMK students can also reserve a time for a personal information search guidance. You can reserve a 15 minute or an hour session alone or with your team. Please answer the questions on the form, so we can be prepared to help you as well as possible!
HAMK staff can reserve an appointment or contact us by email We are also planning to have some HAMK100 trainings as well at least in Finnish. Please let us know about your guidance needs by email!