HAMK and Voulu Ventures begin strategic partnership - Häme University of applied sciences
HAMK and Voulu Ventures begin strategic partnership
Annukka Pakarinen, Tuula Palmén, Pertti Puusaari ja Alejandro Antalich allekirjoitustilaisuudessa

HAMK and Voulu Ventures begin strategic partnership

14.10.2022 09:50

Häme University of Applied Sciences and the investment company Voulu Ventures have agreed on a strategic partnership aimed at developing sustainable food using smart biotechnology methods.  


Häme University of Applied Sciences is building a multidisciplinary Smart Systems & Biotechnology (Smart & Bio) education and research environment that promotes the green transition. As part of the new investment, business partnerships will be strengthened and increased. This need is met by the strategic partnership agreement signed on 10.10.2022 with Voulu Ventures Oy.  

Voulu Ventures is finnish expert investment company to support and accelerate development projects and companies within the Finnish Ecosystem. Its focus resides on initiating and developing disruptive solutions for the new challenges the planet is facing in terms of sustainability, climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, among others. Its model enables innovations and startup companies grow in the shortest period of time, increasing their valuations and make them strong candidates to become public in the largest market in the world, North America. 

The partnership with HAMK focuses on the development of sustainable food products for the planet, and the projects starting in October will be carried out in the coffee and chocolate production sectors.  Synthetic biology and other emerging technologies will be utilised in the development. Biotechnology refers to the study, modification and application of biological material, i.e. living organisms, their parts or properties, into products and services. 

“We bring to this strategic partnership the understanding of the Finnish innovation and business system to speed up development and financing so that innovations and startups could reach the global market,” says Tuula Palmén, Chief Business Officer of Voulu Ventures Oy. 

Alejandro Antalich, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Voulu Ventures Oy, says that he has been impressed by the openness, stability and security of Finnish society and the entrepreneurial mindset, among other things.   

“We are very excited about the partnership.  Finland has become our main area where we are expanding our operations to create a concept of sustainable development, innovation and disruption. I believe that our partnership will benefit all local actors,” says Antalich.  

From HAMK’s point of view, the partnership promotes the goal of developing smart solutions based on the latest biotechnology.  The strategic partnership aims at long-term partnership. 

“We are more than excited to be part of the future of intelligent biotechnology made possible by Voulu Ventures. We will bring our own strong expertise and connections to the network and eventually complement the competence needs of the future,” says Annukka Pakarinen, Research Director at HAMK.  

Additional information: 

Annukka Pakarinen 
Research Director 
Häme University of Applied Sciences 
050 3001827 

Tuula Palmén 
Chief Business Officer 
Voulu Ventures Oy 
 050 4617290 


In the photo: Annukka Pakarinen, Tuula Palmén, president Pertti Puusaari and Alejandro Antalich.