HAMK offers study opportunities for Ukrainians  - Häme University of applied sciences
HAMK offers study opportunities for Ukrainians 

HAMK offers study opportunities for Ukrainians 

29.04.2022 09:11

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Häme University of Applied Sciences offers Ukrainians a wide range of study opportunities. It is also possible for Ukrainians to receive a scholarship, so that they do not have to pay tuition fees. 


HAMK supports those affected by the war in Ukraine in various ways within the framework of its activities. We offer refugees from Ukraine different opportunities to study at HAMK.   

Ukrainian students can apply to HAMK’s degree programmes in our direct application. We offer eight English-taught Bachelor’s degree programmes and two English-taught Master’s degree programmes. Applications for autumn 2022 are open until 10 May 2022. The Ukrainian students will get a full humanitarian scholarship for their tuition fees for academic years 2022–2024. 

Other opportunities are free Summer and Open studies, Study Paths and Resource-wise Sustainability Studies, which are master-level further education. More information on our website

Ukrainian students enrolled in HAMK before the war are also supported as needed, for example with tuition fees. 

Getting back to normal is important 

Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä, Vice President of Häme University of Applied Sciences, is pleased that the universities of applied sciences quickly gathered the studies to be offered. She says that it is estimated that a few dozen students fleeing the war in Ukraine could come to HAMK. 
“It is very important that refugees from Ukraine get back to everyday life as quickly as possible, so studying is a very good option in this situation,” Ahokallio-Leppälä says. 

In international cooperation, HAMK follows the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and EU policies. Accordingly, all HAMK’s project activities and cooperation with Russia were suspended shortly after the start of the war. 

HAMK’s multinational community includes degree students and staff from all over the world, including Ukraine and Russia. However, there are no exchange students from HAMK in Ukraine or Russia, and currently HAMK does not have exchange students from these countries. 

Contacts regarding study opportunities: ukraine.admissions@hamk.fi. 

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