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Library customer service closes for the summer on June 23

Library customer service closes for the summer on June 23

02.06.2022 09:40

Library customer service is on a break starting from June 23. Book reservations will not be handled during the break. We will inform about library services in autumn in August. Libraries are on self-service and e-materials on HAMK Finna are accessible all summer for HAMK students and staff.

Check your loans on HAMK Finna

Log in to HAMK Finna with your HAMK ID or your library card number and PIN-code. You can see the renewal limits from you loan information. When you renew your loans now, the due date will be August 22. You cannot renew your loans if there are reservations for them, you have over 10 € of fees or the book has been marked lost for being late.
You won’t get any fees on your loans during the library’s summer break.

How to return loans when you have a HAMK key card

If you have a HAMK key card, you can return your loans with the automat in the nearest campus library. You can find campus library addresses here.
There are also return boxes next to campus library doors. If you return your loans there, they will stay in your loan information until the library staff visits that campus.

How to return loans when you don’t have a HAMK key card

The library’s outdoor return box is in Hämeenlinna University Centre: building D, in Visakaarre street, next to the main entrance. Please do not leave books outside the box if it’s full. Unfortunately, other campuses do not have an outdoor book return box.
It is also possible to mail books. In this case, please contact HAMK library customer service first for further instructions.

Customer service

Customer service is available until June 23 Mon-Thu from 9 am to 3 pm and Fri 10 am to 3 pm, except on June 9 and June 15-17. You can reach customer service in Hämeenlinna University Centre library, via phone +358 3 646 4700 and email
We will answer to emails sent during the summer break in August at the latest.

P.S. We updated HAMK Finna’s looks. All features are the same as before. You can send us feedback through the feedback form or straight to the library’s customer service email.