You can still find a study place for autumn 2022 - Häme University of applied sciences
You can still find a study place for autumn 2022

You can still find a study place for autumn 2022

04.07.2022 13:04

In July and August, HAMK offers several different training opportunities for studies starting in the fall. In the summer application period from 27 July – 3 August 2022, you can apply for places left unfilled for Autumn 2022. In addition to the summer application, studies can be accessed through open higher education studies and study paths.

Are you looking for a study place and want to start studies already in Autumn 2022? Apply to HAMK in Summer application period 27.7.-3.8.2022! The following English taught programmes are available for applying:

Bachelor’s degree programmes in English

International Business | Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) | Part-time online | Online

Smart and Sustainable Design | Bachelor of Culture and Arts (BCA)| Full-time | Hämeenlinna

Application period starts 27.7.2022

Application period ends 3.8.2022 at 15.00 (UTC +3)

Please, notice these before applying to International Business Part-Time Online:

The International Business Part-Time Online studies are fully conducted online and do not have any on campus lessons. Therefore, the students are not entitled to have a study based Finnish residence permit.


Please notice before applying to Smart and Sustainable Design

The results of the summer application will be announced latest on 15 August 2022. The studies start already on 17th of August 2022 on campus. If you are not yet in Finland at that time, it would be good to arrive Finland as soon as possible, preferably before 14 October 2022 in order to be in Finland when the second study module starts. You may start some courses online and complete rest of the first module studies next year. Please note that this time is not enough for applying residence permit!

Entrance Exams will be executed 5.-11.8.2022. Invitations will be send 4.8.2022 to the email which has been informed in the application. More info will be found from our internet page.

Additional information:


Widen your know-how via Open university

HAMK’s open UAS studies are for all who want to study in a university of applied sciences. Choose Open Studies at Häme University of Applied Sciences if you are interested in developing yourself or your professional skills or you want to update the know-how you already have with specific study units or courses. Open UAS includes open studies and Study Paths. Study Path is the right choice for you if you aim at becoming a degree student. All studies on these pages are university level and they are selected parts from degrees to match the different needs of our open university students. The difference between Open Studies and Study Path is that the student who chooses Study Path aims at becoming a degree student by studying the whole first academic year with the other first year students of the Bachelor’s degree or the first semester of the Master’s degree with the Master’s degree students.

Please notice: As Open Studies are not leading to a degree. It is not possible to get a residence permit only for Open Studies nor study paths.

Read more about Study paths and Open studies.

Enrolment period for study paths and open UAS studies (the enrolment will be open from 08:00 to 23:59 at our web page):

1.-12 August 2022, autumn period open studies

1.-3 August 2022, study paths

3.-14 November 2022, autumn period open studies

1.-14 December 2022, spring period open studies

1.-3 December 2022, study paths

13.-24 February 2023, spring period open studies

13.-24 February 2023, open summer studies