Stories about HAMK - Häme University of applied sciences
Stories about HAMK
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Stories about HAMK

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There are many exciting things happening at HAMK. The best way to get an insight to what it is really like to study at HAMK and in Finland, is to follow our Instagram-page: @hamk_uas. You get a real sense of what our students get up to on daily basis from exciting course work to free-time activities.

Follow also  #hamkstoriesinternational in Instagram where you find our English posts.

What an inspiring week! 🤩 This week we hosted RUN-EU Super Week with around 60 students and staff members. The week revolved around future skills, Design Factory culture and pedagogical development of @run_europeanuniversity.

Thank you for all participants and safe travels back home!💙

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HAMK congratulates our International Business student Morics Krumins and Nokian Krp about last week played final games and men's floorball silver medal!🥳🥈

Krumins is a great example of the ability to combine professional sports and studies. He praises for example the flexibility of the study schedule and the understanding teachers at HAMK.

We also asked the classic question of, how does it feel now?
👉 "It feels great after long and tough season to be awarded with the silver medal! Of course it’s not the gold, but I’m really happy about the achievement as it was our teams @nokiankrp first final in history! 💪🏽💥"

📷: Esa Takalo

@hamk.ib @kruums4

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Are you interested in International Business or Information and Communication Technology studies? Did you miss the Application periods for intake Autumn 2022? Start your studies online and continue studies in Finland next year!🤩

A group of Finnish universities of applied sciences (UAS) offers you an online pathway to IB and ICT programmes. The application period for the UAS Path is on now and ends on May 27, 2022. Find out more about the programmes, the study fee, and how to apply at

You can find the information link in bio.

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🇫🇮 Fill in the blank: Finland is known for _______

Come learn more about Finland and HAMK at @educationscom virtual Global Study Abroad Fair 2022 on March 10 (Asia & Oceania) from 10:00 - 14:00 GMT and March 24 (Europe, Middle East & Africa) from 15:00 - 19:00 GMT. Our team will be there to answer any questions you may have about our degree programmes, application, studying abroad in Finland or anything else related! We hope to see you there! 😎

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Spring direct application period starts TODAY! 🤩 HAMK offers 8 Bachelor's degrees and 2 Master's degrees fully in English! If you are still looking for reasons to choose HAMK as your study place, here are a few:

🇫🇮 HAMK is located in beautiful Southern Finland (Häme region)
🌍HAMK has a diverse student body with over 70 different nationalities
🏁 Applying is easy and fast, you will have your results within 1 month from applying!

Apply by May 10, 2022 to start your studies in autumn 2022! Link in bio 👉

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“There’s a lot of equipment and laboratory work area here. Teachers are so supportive, you can ask them the same question a hundred times, they will still give you the support you need, and never see them getting tired of answering your questions.”⠀

-Daniel Kelly (Jamaica 🇯🇲), Electrical and Automation Engineering student⠀

Electrical and Automation Engineering (BEng) students will gain competence in design processes, power systems, and building automation as well as industrial and business management.🔌💡 Students will also participate in real-life projects, sometimes in collaboration with companies. After graduation, students can work as Robotics Engineers, Automation Engineers, or even Project Managers!⠀

Interested in studying Electrical and Automation Engineering? Apply by January 19! Link in bio ➡️⠀

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"The degree is being taught very clearly with a substantial focus on the practical side of the subjects.”

-Anna Kot (Poland 🇵🇱), Computer Applications student

The studies in Computer Applications (BBA) programme provide students with programming skills applicable on a global scale! 💻 Students learn data processing, AI, software robotics, and to build different applications. After graduation, students are professional programmers ready for today’s ICT challenges! Job titles for Computer Applications graduates could be Software Developer, Cloud Architect, or Game Programmer.

Interested in studying Computer Applications? Apply by January 19! Link in bio➡️

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“At HAMK, the focus is to give us practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge that helps me to learn. The most important thing for me about the university experience is the chance to grow as a person as well as academically”

-Darshan Parekh (India 🇮🇳), Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology student

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology students don't just learn traditional mechanics and machine building, but also specialised tasks such as robotics and 3D scanning 🤖 Graduates with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology (BEng) have a wide range of options for employment around the world and can work in expertise tasks, managerial tasks or even become entrepreneurs. Job titles could be Mechanical Design Engineer, Project Engineer or Sales Engineer.

Interested in studying Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology? Apply by January 19, link in bio! ➡️

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Joint application is now in full swing! 🤩 Apply now through January 19 to study in English in an international environment! Degree programmes included in this application period are:

Computer Applications 💻

Construction Engineering 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

Electrical and Automation Engineering 🔌💡

Information and Communication Technology, bioeconomy ℹ️

International Business 🌎💼

Mechanical Engineering & Production Technology 👩‍🔧👨‍🔧

Smart and Sustainable Design 👠

Smart Organic Farming 🐮

Sustainable Technologies (Master’s) ✅

Management in Sustainable Business (Master’s) 📈

Information on degree programmes and how to apply at, link in bio! ➡️

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The first joint application of the year kicks off on January 5, and this is your sign to submit an application if you...

🇬🇧 Want to study in English
🌎 Feel like you thrive in an international environment

Check out our variety of degree programmes and information on how to apply at, link in bio! ➡️

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Sliding into December like...👀

Joulukuun ekan kunniaksi Hämeenlinnan korkeakoulukeskuksessa saatiin tänäänkin nauttia lumisateesta!
Kommentoi alle, mikä sun mielestä on parasta talvessa?

In honor of 1st of December, we enjoyed yet another snowfall today at the Hämeenlinna Unviersity Centre! Comment below, what's your favorite thing about winter?


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Us: Finland has the best education system in the world 🇫🇮

Want to know what the hype is all about? 🤔 Join the six-part "Future is Made in Finland" webinar series to learn more about the country of world-class education!🤓 You'll hear about attractive career options, latest innovations, and how you could benefit from studying and working in Finland. Reach out to HAMK after each episode for a discussion, and make sure to check out our virtual booth 👀
Learn more and register for the webinar series on the website. Link in bio ➡️

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You can read about other students' exchange experiences in HAMK International's blog: The newest update is from Wales and the Netherlands. #hamkinternational #newblogpost #exchangestories #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational ...

At HAMK also teachers and staff members can go on exchange! Leena from HAMK International presented staff exchange opportunities today at Hämeenlinna University Centre. Coordinator of Sport Services Jari was one of many interested. Posted by Saara/HAMK International #staffexchange #hamkinternational #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational ...

Kirsi & Taina from HAMK International are meeting students at our pop up at Hämeenlinna University Centre at 11-13, welcome! Posted by Saara/HAMK International
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