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Stories about HAMK

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There are many exciting things happening at HAMK. The best way to get an insight to what it is really like to study at HAMK and in Finland, is to follow our students stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

Each week, one of our over 7000 students takes over our social media accounts and shares their story. You get a real sense of what our students get up to on daily basis from exciting course work to free-time activities.

Our yearly-published HAMK Stories magazine is full of stories about studying at HAMK. You can read alumni stories as well as exchange and double degree stories from our current students and the many exciting projects our students get to take part during their studies.

HAMK Stories International Edition 2020 tells you more about our students’ stories!


You can read about other students' exchange experiences in HAMK International's blog: The newest update is from Wales and the Netherlands. #hamkinternational #newblogpost #exchangestories #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational ...

At HAMK also teachers and staff members can go on exchange! Leena from HAMK International presented staff exchange opportunities today at Hämeenlinna University Centre. Coordinator of Sport Services Jari was one of many interested. Posted by Saara/HAMK International #staffexchange #hamkinternational #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational ...

Kirsi & Taina from HAMK International are meeting students at our pop up at Hämeenlinna University Centre at 11-13, welcome! Posted by Saara/HAMK International
#exchangestudies #gointernational #hamkinternational #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational

Thank you everyone who joined me and my colleague Malla at Riihimäki campus today, what a fun day meeting students! Those of you Riihimäki students who are now planning to study abroad for next semester, don't forget to contact Malla asap! 😊 Posted by Saara/HAMK International #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational #hamkinternational #exchangestudies ...

HAMK International, Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and Finnish Union of Engineering students are meeting students in Riihimäki campus main lobby today. Posted by Saara/HAMK International #hamkinternational #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational #servicesforstudents #gointernational @insinooriopiskelijaliitto @insinooriliitto ...

I never ever get bored planning our students' exchange studies abroad. This first phase is so exciting: which one of our partner institutions to choose as a destination! Posted by Saara/HAMK International #mywork #mypassion #internationalization #helpingstudents #exchangestudies #denmark #brazil #austria #netherlands #norway #andmanymore #hamkinternational #hamkstories #hamkstoriesinternational ...

What is your favourite destination abroad? Today we asked students at Valkeakoski Campus what's their dream destination for exchange studies. Top 3: Canada, Spain, Italy. I voted for Bali 😁
Posted by Saara/HAMK International
#hamkstories #hamkinternational #exchangestudies #hamkstoriesinternational

This week you can follow HAMK International's work on different campuses and get familiar with HAMK's exchange opportunities. My name is Saara and today I'm meeting students at Valkeakoski campus. Posted by Saara/HAMK International
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Our brand new Bioeconomy Engineering students are enjoying their orientation to studies at HAMK. It is always an exciting time for both the students and the staff members. This is the first intake for Bioeconomy Engineering, which started in January. Bioeconomy Engineering and all our other English taught degree programmes will welcome new students again in the autumn. #hamk #hamkstoriesinternational #bioeconomy #engineering ...

HAMK Christmas Calendar 22.12. 🎄

Name: Wolfram Tachie-Menson
Nationality: Ghanaian
Degree Programme: Electrical and Automation Engineering
Christmas in Ghana begins on the 20th of December and lasts until the first week of January. On Christmas Eve, there is usually Big concerts by the some famous musicians in Ghana. Families and friends also gather around to feast on rice, chicken, goat, fried plantain and Fufu. Fufu is a staple food found in Ghana and is made from mixing and pounding separate portions of cassava and green plantain.

During the Christmas Day church service, people dress up in colorful traditional clothes. Afterward, young children receive chocolates, cookies or new clothes from Father Christmas before heading home for one more massive festive meal.
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Name: Ulvis Metra

Degree: International Business
Nationality: Latvian
How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

It depends on the individual, but personally I love to spend Christmas with my family and loved ones. I think that is what Christmas is all about.
#hamk #hamkstoriesinternational #christmas #international

I thank you all who have followed my week!
It's last day of school before holidays and I just want to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎅🥳 #hamkstories #hamk #internationalbusiness #studentlife #hamkstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Posted by: @nallugga

HAMK Christmas Calendar 19.12. 🎄

Name: Ieva Gudlevska
Nationality: Latvian
Degree Programme: International Business
During Christmas time, me and my family go to the Church and then we celebrate at home. We love this special time not only in my family but in whole country. In every city it’s sort of competition with Christmas lights and trees. It is truly beautiful in Latvia during winter time.
#hamk #hamkstoriesinternational #christmas #international

HAMK Christmas Calendar 🎄

Name: Akbota Bissengaliyeva
Nationality: Kazakhstan
Degree Programme: Electrical and Automation engineering
A holiday that makes all the people in Kazakhstan unite and celebrate together is the New Year’s Eve. The highlight of this holiday is to have a family dinner with tonnes of delicious food right before the midnight. This sort of gathering is a must and actually a very nice way to greet the New Year with your beloved ones and make lots of wishes. Afterwards we usually go out to enjoy the major fireworks and visit exciting hotspots nearby, like open air concerts, markets and different shows. Overall, it is a night full of joy, laughter and happiness for all Kazakhstani people. Since this tom I am going home on holidays, I am so looking forward to celebrate the New Year 2020 there.
#hamk #hamkstoriesinternational #christmas #international

HAMK Christmas Calendar is going on! This year we are presenting different ways of celebrating the holidays by our foreign students 🎄

Name: Johan Hepokoski
Nationality: American
Degree Program: Mechanical Engineering

For Christmas my family usually opens presents under a Pine tree that we cut down.

After this we read the Bible about the birth of Christ.
Then we have a big dinner featuring ham and many other sides.
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HAMK Christmas Calendar 🎄

Name: John Steedman
Nationality: Scottish
Degree Programme: Electrical and Automation Engineering
Christmas day is one of the best days as a child in Scotland: hanging up the Christmas stocking beside the fireplace, waking up (very) early to see what presents Santa Claus has left, gorging on a Christmas dinner of turkey, roast potatoes, bread sauce and Brussels sprouts... For many Scots, the most important time of the holidays is New Year's Eve, or Hogmanay as it's called in Scotland. As it gets closer to the bells (midnight), neighbours and family bring in the new year together by going first footing (visiting), many carrying traditional Hogmanay gifts such as shortbread, black bun and whisky. The night then continues with the singing of Auld Lang Syne and perhaps some Scottish country dancing.
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