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Stories about HAMK
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Stories about HAMK

Is HAMK part of your story?

Follow students’ stories in HAMK Stories Instagram & Snapchat and get more information about our degree programmes!

There are many exciting things happening at HAMK. The best way to get an insight to what it is really like to study at HAMK and in Finland, is to follow our students stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

Each week, one of our over 7000 students takes over our social media accounts and shares their story. You get a real sense of what our students get up to on daily basis from exciting course work to free-time activities.

Our yearly-published HAMK Stories magazine is full of stories about studying at HAMK. You can read alumni stories as well as exchange and double degree stories from our current students and the many exciting projects our students get to take part during their studies.

HAMK Stories International Edition 2020 tells you more about our students’ stories!


Hey you! 🤚 Have you been dreaming about studying with us in Finland but maybe need just a little bit more info about application process and tuition fees? We got your back!

Join our open webinar next Monday, 22 February at 1.00pm CET at Zoom. We welcome all students, parents and other interested to hear more about our university, degree programmes, application and studying in Finland. 🇫🇮 See more info and find direct link to the webinar ➡️

Hope to see you on Monday and hey, remember to follow us to stay updated! 🤩 #hamkstoriesinternational #openwebinar #studyinfinland

It's getting colder... you know why?

Freezing Week starts TOMORROW! ❄️This year the event will be fully online 8.-12.2.2021 and is dedicated to one of the most relevant business, IT and design topics: emotional intelligence meets artificial intelligence

Check out more and join ➡️ #freezingweek #freezingweek2021 #hamkstoriesinternational

Freezing Week is coming – be prepared! 🥶❄️

Freezing Week is an annual international week organized by HAMK School of Entrepreneurship and Business and this year the event will be fully online 8.-12.2.2021! ❄️ The 7th Freezing Week is dedicated to one of the most relevant business, IT and design topics: emotional intelligence meets artificial intelligence.

The week includes open programme such as interesting keynotes and guest lectures. Also Freezing Week offers two real life projects for our students. 🤩🙌

Read more from the event’s website ➡️ #freezingweek #freezingweek2021 #hamkstoriesinternational

1445 hakijaa HAMKin tammikuun yhteishaussa! 😍 Sehän on 295 hakijaa enemmän kuin viime vuonna! Suosituin kohde tässä haussa oli International Business @hamk.ib päivätoteutus - hakijamäärä koulutukseen nousi 60 prosenttia. Tsemppiä kaikille hakijoille valintaprosessiin! 🙌 #hamk


1445 applicants applied to HAMK in the first application period of the year. 😍 It is 295 applicants more than last year! Thank you all and good luck with your admissions 🙌 #hamkstoriesinternational

Se oli siinä - hakuaika tammikuun yhteishaussa on päättynyt! ✅ Kiitos kaikille hakijoille ja toivottavasti näemme monet teistä kampuksillamme ennemmin tai myöhemmmin! 🙋‍ Seuraava mahdollisuus hakea HAMKiin on maaliskuun yhteishaussa, joka alkaa 17.3. #hamk

Aaand we are done! ✅ The first application period of the year has ended. Thanks for your applications and hope to see many of you at our campuses sooner or later! 🙋‍♀️ Check out our other available application periods ➡️ #hamkstoriesinternational

Vielä hetki aikaa hakea HAMKiin tammikuun yhteishaussa! 👀Hakuaika päättyy huomenna klo 15:00. 🕒 #HAMK #löydäpolkusi

Just here to remind you - our first application period of the year ends tomorrow at 3pm! 🕒 #hamkstoriesinternational #discoveryourpath

Vastuullisuussuunnitelmia hevosyrittäjille, päiväkodin pihan uudistamista, asiakastapahtuman järjestämistä… HAMKissa opiskellessa jalka on usein tukevasti työelämän oven välissä, sillä opiskelijamme pääsevät tiiviisti mukaan ratkomaan työelämän haasteita. 💡 Tilanne onkin todellinen win-win molemmille - opiskelija oppii ja yritys hyötyy. Opiskelijat tulevat myös tutuiksi yrityksille ja monesti opiskelijoiden joukosta bongataan juuri ne hyvät tyypit, joita voi palkata suoraan! 🙌 Lue tammikuun uutiskirjeestä lisää esimerkkejä, mitä kaikkea opiskelijamme ovat päässeet tekemään ➡️ #HAMK


Nowadays companies are really interested in working with students, especially in technical fields. It is a real win-win situation for both. Companies want to become familiar with student already during studies. They want to show their operations and at the same time spot potential students who could be hired directly. 🙌🏼 #hamkstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Let us tell you some good reasons why you should study in English at HAMK! 👩🏽‍💻

👉 Great kickstart to your international career
👉 You will meet amazing people from all over the world
👉 Improve your English skills
👉 You will stand out with an international degree
👉 Opportunity to do internship or exchange abroad

The first application period is open until 20th of January! #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Dreaming of being a farm manager? 👩‍🌾 Apply to our new Smart Organic Farming –programme and become Bachelor of Natural Resources. In this new programme tomorrow’s agriculture, sustainable production, cooperation and digital solutions are combined. You will study subjects like...

🐖 Analyzing agricultural data
🐄 Sustainable farm technology choices
🥕 Organic production and food system
...and many, many more!

Read more 👈 #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Working with an international giant 👏

Our Electrical and Automation Engineering student Genrikh is working with @hamk_smart as a Research Assistant. His first task there was to develop an algorithm in a project for KONE. Wow, that really sounds like a great opportunity! 🤩 Genrikh could not imagine working with such a colossus in his first year of work life and couldn’t be happier with the kick-start this project gave to his career ✨You can read the whole story on @hamk_smart blog.

And hey remember - you can apply to our degree programmes now! Check out and discover your path. #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Satyam came to Finland in August 2019 to start his studies in Computer Applications with lot of hopes and aspirations. He wanted to study in the country with the best education system in the world and choosing HAMK was indeed an obvious choice for him. 😎

Why he chose HAMK? Here are some highlights:
🎯 Being practicality over research-based studies
🎯 Students from 70 different countries
🎯 Highly qualified faculty
🎯 Giving technical insights along with a work-place exposure
🎯 Strong links to many IT-companies

Got interested in studying in English at HAMK? You can apply right away! Read more ➡️ #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Tänään on se päivä, kun tammikuun yhteishaku pärähtää käyntiin! 🥁 Jos tähtäimessäsi on kansainvälinen ura, niin tässä on tilaisuutesi. Haussa ovat nyt nimittäin englanninkieliset tutkinnot, ja mukana on myös kaksi täysin uutta koulutusohjelmaa - joko olet tutustunut Smart Organic Farming- ja Sustainable Technologies -koulutuksiimme? 😍 #HAMK #löydäpolkusi

Today is the day - application is open! 🥁 If you are aiming for international career, your time is now. Did you already notice that we have two completely new programmes: Smart Organic Farming and Sustainable Technologies? 😍 #discoveryourpath #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

No kyllä kelpaa! ❄️ Evon kampusta ympäröi 1800 hehtaarin metsäalue ja nytpä siitä pääsee nauttimaan myös hiihtäen - mainiossa hiihtokunnossa ovat 3,5km valaistu reitti sekä 7km ja 9km lenkit. ⛷ Lumista loppiaista kaikille! #HAMK

Did you know that our campus at Evo is surrounded by 1800 hectares of forest which can be now explored also on skis! ⛷ There are 3,5 kilometres long track with lightning and 7 and 9 kilometres long tracks available. Happy January 6th to everyone! ❄️ #hamkstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

What to study, how to apply? 🤔 Read our new international student prospectus online! You'll find it in our applicants website, or go to our @hamk_uas profile and click the link in bio! 🙌 #HAMKstoriesinternational #studyinfinland ...

Aiming for international career? 🌍 Well, the chance of that is closer than you think! HAMK’s first application period of the year starts this week. Take closer look at our variety of degree programmes and start your international career with us.

Read more and save the date 7.1.2021! 👈 #HAMKstoriesinternational #discoveryourpath #studyinfinland

You made it! 😍 We have over 100 students graduating today from HAMK. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! 🌟

#HAMK #HAMKstoriesinternational #graduation

There’s always light at the end of the (wind)tunnel! Weekend is just around the corner 🙌🏼

Thanks for the photo @hamk_kone 🌪
#HAMK #hamkstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

Our student @david._.dzhavadov working on his thesis in Hämeenlinna University Center 💻 Keep up the good work! 🤩👏🏼

#HAMK #thesiswriting #hamkstoriesinternational #studyinfinland

📸 @david._.dzhavadov