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HAMK Visamäki campus, building S

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HAMK is located in southern Finland

Häme Region

Häme is one of the oldest regions in Finland, situated in southern Finland, north from the capital city of Helsinki. Due to its location, Häme is easy to reach by rail, by road, and by air. Häme is an interesting region with a lot to offer for locals as well as visitors. Häme is mix of old and new, with history rooting back medieval times and infrastructure to suit the needs of modern life. Hämeenlinna is the capital of the region and serves as the cultural and economic hub. HAMK´s largest campus, Hämeenlinna University Centre is also located in Hämeenlinna.

HAMK campuses

HAMK has seven campuses and all of them are located in southern Finland. Six out of the seven HAMK´s campuses are located in Häme Region (Kanta Häme). They are Evo, Forssa, Hämeenlinna, Lepaa, Mustiala, and Riihimäki. Valkeakoski campus is located in Pirkanmaa Province (Pirkanmaan Lääni) Please see their locations on the map.


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