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Job search skills
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Job search skills

Enchance your job search skills systematically

When seeking a job, you need a goal and motivation. A good goal always describes the achievement of a specific thing. Periodically, return to your plan and check that you are making progress. Edit the plan in accordance with your experiences and what you have learned. Make lists or boxes and make your plan concrete. List the top 5 work tasks and jobs, and find out all about them by making calls, going to recruitment fairs, getting to know the employers or even by taking a course. Refine your skills and improve your capabilities.

How well have you achieved the steps of your job search skills roadmap?

Job search skills road map

Things to notice when writing a work application

Vacancy for an energetic and independent employee? You feel you meet the requirement, but how can you tell about it in your job application?

It is not enough that you assure that you are polite and show initiative. Describe briefly how those requirements or qualities become visible in practice in your studies, leisure time, or work history. What do others say about you?  Describe an example situation or tell a short story.  Have a strong beginning, have a strong ending.  Add links to your job application: your referees, networks, social media, video CV. The job application is short 1xA4 sheet and always comes with a CV as attachment.


The most important documents used in job-seeking are still the job application and curriculum vitae, or CV. Always reflect your application and CV against the job you are applying for and the potential job advertisement. If you apply using an open application, find out what kind of requirements or needs the employer might have. Remember also that you do not need to meet all the requirements. If you lack some key expertise, think about how you would be prepared to develop yourself.

There is no one and only correct template for a CV. It may be personal, but it must be clear and easy to scan through. Make finding the important points easy – use headlines and present data in groups. Highlight the issues that are relevant for the position you are applying for. Describe your work tasks in closer detail by bringing out your responsibilities and achievements. Would a touch of creativity be appropriate or would the employer appreciate a more traditional approach?

By making a video CV, you can stand out of the crowd. The video CV is a short elevator pitch about you and why you would be suitable for the job. The video highlights not only the structured, short and speech-like presentation but also the lighting, background, framing and your clothing. Consider carefully how they would best support your presentation.

You can record the video on your mobile device; check the video size and sharing settings. An appropriate length for a video is approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

How to create video cv?


Work interview interviewThe purpose of a job interview is to find out how well suited you are to the open vacancy and what is your motivation to apply for it. The employer’s most important task is to find the most suitable applicant to fill the vacancy.

The interview requires preparation: get information about the employer, read carefully what kind of an application you responded to, which position you applied for and what was stated in the job advertisement. Review your competence by going through your CV and get prepared to tell more about any gaps in your competence.  Be prepared to ask questions about the position and employer. Write them down.

In a job interview situation, it does not matter if you are a little tense. In addition to your job application, portfolio or other relevant material, you can also take some personal notes and even the job advertisement with you.

Job interviews usually have three stages and several interviewers. Some small talk in the beginning relieves tension and is aimed at getting a general impression of the interviewee. The questions in the middle of the interview are intended for exploring your motivation, work career, values and attitudes. In the final stage, the practical aspects of the position are discussed.

After the interview, consider how it went. If you were not selected, find out which factors were emphasised in the selection and which factors contributed to you not being selected



Your networking effort begins with simple actions. Think what you want to be involved in or where colleagues in your field are and meet each other. Think about what is happening in your field and where information about it is provided. Participation in events provides natural opportunities for networking. Join events, show interest and start talking with people, leave a good impression of yourself while handing out your business cards or invite people to connect with you in social media.The website allows you to analyse, consider and prepare your networking map with a view to practical measures to take. Be visible in social media if you find it worthwhile and it makes sense with a view to finding a job.


Nearly one in five Finns have created a user account in social media services intended for business-related contacting. When used actively, it means practical networking with desired customers, partners, colleagues and other interest groups. Establishing new contacts in social media is natural, and communication may lead to getting new information and job offers in the field. It may depend on the field how widely people use different services and platforms, but the possibilities for networking are global. As a professional, can you manage on your own?

As a HAMK student, you can create your competence and networking profile on the Hamk Talents platform. Employers can find you even after you graduate. The platform is part of the Tiitus job market used by employers.

Networking in social media is different from physical networking. Professionals network by inviting new partners, joining groups, providing information, sharing things. In your social media activities, you can be a follower, a participant or an active contributor. Professionals act in accordance with their profiles and publish things to read and view, their opinions etc.

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