Coronavirus COVID-19 - Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu

Coronavirus COVID-19

Summary of the measures by HAMK regarding coronavirus, March 15, 2020

Beginning from March 12, when possible, all teaching at HAMK will be operated in distance teaching. If that is not possible (e.g. exams), contact teaching will be carried out with caution: avoid close contact and take care of hygiene. Teachers will notify the students about the implementation of the classes. The students’ practical training periods are being sorted out. IT department gives support to teachers.

All celebrations, seminars and other public events taking place at HAMK will be cancelled until the end of June. This will not apply to the entrance exams, the arrangements of which will be announced separately.

All planned international trips which are a part of studies are cancelled until further notice. All international business trips of HAMK staff members are cancelled until further notice. All staff and students arriving from other countries will automatically self-isolate to work or study from home for 14 days. Visitors from abroad and incoming students (studies and work placement) cannot come to HAMK until further notice.

According to the outline by the Government, HAMK encourages staff and students to avoid public events and unnecessary travelling between campuses. All staff is encouraged to increasingly work from home whenever possible. We will try to find substitutive duties for those employees who cannot carry out their daily work from home.

HAMK has decided to abort all international study and trainee mobility placements concerning HAMK students who are abroad. All HAMK students currently studying or training abroad have been summoned home. If the student decides to stay in the exchange country, they need to inform HAMK of this in writing. The placement will then turn into holiday and the international study or trainee grant will not be payed from the abortion day on.

HAMK is not closed from operation. We will keep working and do our best so that studies will be continued as smoothly as possible despite the exceptional situation.

More detailed information and discussion for HAMK staff and students can be found in Yammer group Koronavirus / Coronavirus COVID-19 info. For enquiries from outside HAMK please contact: