Continuous development of the quality system

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Continuous development of the quality system

Continuous development of the quality system

​HAMK’s quality system is under continuous development. This is to keep the system up-to-date and ensure that its scope, structure and content make it an influential part of the management and operational management system. The developmental tools used include: strategy work based on participative performance, feedback and evaluation; the systematic reform of the quality system and its operational guidelines; evaluation and feedback-based development workbooks, which are used to record and monitor corrective measures taken. ​

A comprehensive audit of the quality system is conducted once every six years. In addition to this, targeted self-evaluations are conducted every year. The audit result serves as the basis for the further development of the quality system. Smaller revisions to the system are made annually based on continuous follow-ups. The most important aspects of these audits are the revision and updating of operating guidelines based on need and feedback received. Quality system development work forms a logical, temporal continuum, in which phenomena encountered in operations are examined in accordance with the PDCA cycle model.

As specified by HAMK Regulations, The Vice Rector bear the overall responsibility for developing the HAMK quality system. Development, planning, implementation and evaluation of the quality system is promoted and co-ordinated by the Quality and risk management steering group, which is supervised by the Vice Rector. The steering group is comprised of HAMK management and school and student representatives. The task of the Quality and risk management steering group is to continuously and systematically evaluate the status of the quality system, identify developmental needs and take any necessary measures. Actors involved in development at the operating guidelines level.

The figure 5 illustrates the continuous process comprised of quality system evaluations and audits and developmental measures.

HAMK Self-evaluation system​

Figure 5: HAMK Self-evaluation system​