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Design Factory is an interdisciplinary product and service design and learning platform uniting students, teachers, researchers, and industry. Our goal is to build passion-based learning culture at HAMK.

As product and service design platform Design Factory brings HAMKs education facilities and equipment as well as research units’ expertise to industry use. In Hämeenlinna the product development laboratory of Degree Program in Design offers design expertise and services for 3D-scanning, modeling and printing (clay&plastic), digital paper and textile printing as well as laser cutting.

Design Factory spaces are located in Hämeenlinna University Centre E-building.


Welcome to a new kind of learning environment!

In Design Factory the work takes place in interdisciplinary teams making use of and strengthening each students’ own area of expertise. The idea of Design Factory is to enable learning by doing in authentic industry projects.

The participating organizations are involved in the projects during the whole journey, not just at the beginning and end of the project. In essence, the journey together is more important than just the end results. Thus, in Design Factory projects the interaction between company and inside interdisciplinary teams is emphasized.



Summer studies

Design Factory Summer Studies 15 cu
10 cu project
5 cu Design Thinking course 
The theme of summer studies 2021 will be released later.
Goal of the summer studies 2020 were to:
– Understand the current circumstances regarding global pandemic and it’s influences to different types of companies
– Solve a challenge on how can business survive in the midst of pandemic? Select one vulnerable area of business, e.g. restaurant business, an event business, museum business, people transportation, and develop a business model of how the business could survive
– Create a solution with Business Design Tools. 
The course starts with the Design Thinking course in May and the course continues with teamwork in June and July. A more detailed timing will be confirmed later. Summer studies contain weekly meetings and project work in teams.

Product Development Project


PDP (Product Development Project) is a multidisciplinary course where students real-life company problems. Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. At the start, much attention is directed to the forming of a highly motivated interdisciplinary team.

A project typically includes phases of planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making, and detailed computer-aided development. The product phases of manufacture, assembly, and testing are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences. In PDP students have an opportunity to learn more in specific areas while working as a safety officer, business shark, team manager, or economy manager.

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Data Analytics Project

Data Analytics Project 3/2021 – 5/2020

In Data Analytics course students learn the basics of data analytics and the possibilities of using data-analytics in work-life. Through case tasks, students can apply data analytics in developing applications. Teams are a combination of students from Bioeconomy Engineering, Business Information Technology, Computer Applications, and International Business that have the skills and knowledge needed to develop data analytics solutions for companies.

Data Analytics Project is an 8 weeks-long sprint, where a data analytics solution is developed to the topics presented by the project sponsor. A project sponsor is a company that describes the topic and problem and supply the student team with relevant data. The students learn the basics of data mining and the use of Excel and Power-BI in data-analytics. After completing the project, the students have a thorough understanding of the possibilities of data analytics.

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Design Factory is a product and service development platform, where students learn by doing industry projects. Design Factory highlights the importance of the journey together, not just the end results. Therefore, this requires regular interaction both from students and companies to learn from the journey and achieve the best possible learning result.


As product and service design platform Design Factory brings HAMKs research units’ expertise and laboratory equipment to support research and development activities in companies. In Hämeenlinna University Center the product development laboratory of Degree Program in Design offers design expertise and services for 3D-scanning, modeling and printing (clay&plastic), digital paper and textile printing as well as laser cutting.



In HAMK Design Factory

– Students come first
– Doors are always open for discusssion
– There is no hierarchy
– You are empowered to do new things, with new people
– You are a part of a co-creation community
– We all belong to the Design Factory family

Through collaboration we create the PASSION FOR DOING


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