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Design Factory is a multidisciplinary product and service development learning environment that connects companies, students, teachers and researchers. In Design Factory projects, solutions to companies’ challenges are sought through service and product design using Design Thinking methods. In our projects, you get to participate in a multidisciplinary, challenging and inspiring learning experience, where solutions are developed together, valuing different perspectives and utilizing different skills.

As a rule, Design Factory courses are multidisciplinary and based on genuine assignments from working life. During the projects, you get to expand your own thinking and work into a multidisciplinary field and thereby find new perspectives and ideas. During your studies, you will also learn new methods and tools and develop teamwork skills and self-management. Companies are heavily involved in our operations, so you can network with operators from different fields and potential employers already during your studies.

At Design Factory, we aim to participate in answering the challenges of the future by creating a common language, cooperation and innovations between different fields. Come join us to build solutions and network!



In Design Factory the work takes place in interdisciplinary teams strengthening each students’ own area of expertise. The idea of Design Factory is to enable learning by doing in authentic industry projects solving development challenges. All Design Factory courses follow Design Thinking processes where students emphatize with the users, defines the problem, ideates, prototype and test their ideas.

The participating organizations are involved in the projects during the whole journey, not just at the beginning and end of the project. In essence, the journey together is more important than just the end results. Thus, in Design Factory projects the interaction between company and inside interdisciplinary teams is emphasized.


Design Factory is a product and service development platform, where students learn by doing in industry projects. We work around real company projects which is why we are actively searching for collaboration partners who need product or service development for their company. Working with interdisciplinary student teams is a great way to find solutions from different point of views and have knowledge from different fields.

Design Factory highlights the importance of the journey together, not just the end results. Therefore, this requires regular interaction both from students and companies to learn from the journey and achieve the best possible learning result. So if your company have a development problem – contact us and let’s do a project together!


As product and service design platform Design Factory brings HAMKs research units’ expertise and laboratory equipment to support research and development activities in companies. In Hämeenlinna University Center the product development laboratory of Degree Program in Design offers design expertise and services for 3D-scanning, modeling and printing (clay&plastic), digital paper and textile printing as well as laser cutting.



iPDP 2023


International Product Development Project (iPDP) is an unique opportunity to work around real-life company projects in interdisciplinary and international student teams! In 2023 the project takes place from February to June and is worth of 10 credits. HAMK’s students from any fields are welcome to join and no previous experience from product development or Design Thinking is needed. International Product Development Project (iPDP) is organized together with an international university partner Mannheim as a part of Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) co-operation. iPDP is especially great for students that are interested in innovating and who wants to co-create with students from different fields. The project’s aim is to recognize the product or service development possibilities and to find innovative insights for development.

Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. In 2023 iPDP the projects are related to sports app, glass manufacturing, drones and hospitals. At the start, much attention is directed to the forming of highly motivated multidisciplinary teams. A project typically includes phases of planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making, and detailed computer-aided development. The product phases of manufacture, assembly, and testing are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences. In the end, the student team make a concrete prototype that is build in Design Factory laboratory and presented to client in the Final Gala.

Schedule for the iPDP 2023:

Weeks 8-9: Mini-MOOCS individually and remotely

9.3.2023-15.3.2023 Bootcamp in Mannheim Design Factory

Weeks 12-17: weekly lectures + meetings with your group, teachers and mentors

Week 18: May 5th 2023, Halfway Gala (remote)

Weeks 19-23: weekly lectures + meetings with your group, teachers and mentors

14.6-19.6.2023 Mannheim students in Finland,

Week 20: June 19th 2023, Mannheim students in Finland and Final Gala


PdP spring 2023 info can be found here!

Also, watch Roosa’s alumni video from PDP 2020!

Product Development Project


PDP (Product Development Project) is a multidisciplinary course where students real-life company problems. Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. At the start, much attention is directed to the forming of a highly motivated interdisciplinary team.

A project typically includes phases of planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making, and detailed computer-aided development. The product phases of manufacture, assembly, and testing are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences. In PDP students have an opportunity to learn more in specific areas while working as a safety officer, business shark, team manager, or economy manager.

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Data Analytics Project

Data Analytics Project, spring 2023

In Data Analytics course students learn the basics of data analytics and the possibilities of using data-analytics in work-life. Through case tasks, students can apply data analytics in developing applications. Teams are a combination of students from Bioeconomy Engineering, Business Information Technology, Computer Applications, and International Business that have the skills and knowledge needed to develop data analytics solutions for companies.

Data Analytics Project is an 8 weeks-long sprint, where a data analytics solution is developed to the topics presented by the project sponsor. A project sponsor is a company that describes the topic and problem and supply the student team with relevant data. The students learn the basics of data mining and the use of Excel and Power-BI in data-analytics. After completing the project, the students have a thorough understanding of the possibilities of data analytics.

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Workshop courses

HAMK Design Factory organizes different workshops for students from different fields. There are seven different workshops where students can choose the ones they like. The workshops are open for everyone and almost all the workshops are fully e-courses. The course application is open until June 2022 and the course will end at the end of July 2022.

At the moment the course contains seven workshops. Each workshop is worth 1 credit each and the subjects are:

– 3D modeling

– 3D printing

– Graphic Design

– Information Design

– Laser working

– UI Design

– Website Design

If you need more information and help with how to apply, please contact: Markku Mikkonen, 0504763039,





HAMK Design Factory’s main office is in the E-building of the Hämeenlinna University Center. The premises have equipment for building prototypes and holding events.


Markku Mikkonen, technical expert, 0504763039,

Jari Jussila, Director of HAMK Design Factory, 050 4657285,

Address: Visakaarre 4, 13100 Hämeenlinna


The premises of Valkeakoski Design Factory are currently being built on the ground floor of the B-building.

Contact:  Sanna-Maaria Siintoharju, lecturer, HAMK Design Factory,

050 5350689,

Address: Tietotie 1, 37630 Valkeakoski


At the Forssa campus, the focus is especially on sustainable development and working life projects with an emphasis on data analytics.

Contact: Anne-Mari Järvenpää, lecturer,

040 0534131,

Address: Wahreninkatu 11, 30100 Forssa


From Riihimäki campus you can find facilities and machines for prototyping and team working. Facilities can be found near the cafeteria.

Contact: Jari Jussila,

050 4657285,

Address: Kaartokatu 2, 11100 Riihimäki




In HAMK Design Factory

– Students come first
– Doors are always open for discusssion
– There is no hierarchy
– You are empowered to do new things, with new people
– You are a part of a co-creation community
– We all belong to the Design Factory family

Through collaboration we create the PASSION FOR DOING


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It’s still quiet - but not for long! 💥

Year 2023 has started and that means many new things for us. Markku continues his master’s studies and works part-time at DF but this year also Kristiina is starting her MBA studies! We also got amazing news that Sanna-Maaria will be starting her PhD journey 💯

What comes to courses we will be starting our iPDP course together with again in February✨ Also FRUSH and Data analytics project are coming this spring where we will be helping out.

We will also be traveling and for example we are going to RUN-EU Superweek in this May. So you will see some travel stories which are starting really soon - so stay tuned! ✈️

Easy to say that it will be one busy but super exciting spring! 🌷 #hamkdf #ipdp2023 #collaboration #designthinking #myhamk #hamkuas

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