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Find new drive for your career from our Master School!

At the HAMK Master School, you can study for a master's degree that will help you achieve your career aspirations. Our Master School brings together master's degree students in bioeconomy, culture, business, social and health care, and engineering and technology. Cooperation enables comprehensive learning and networking.

A master's degree will expand and deepen your competence and provide you with the necessary theoretical information for working in expert and/or management tasks. The studies provide you with the skills for acquiring, processing, and applying research data in your own work, among other things. In learning assignments, you solve real problems at work and learn future-oriented decision-making skills. The master’s thesis is a goal-oriented and research-oriented workplace development project which allows you to deepen your expertise. Our theses are directed by experienced and competent instructors who want to support you in achieving your goals. The thesis guidance relationship is confidential, developing, and supportive.

A master's degree provides you with a qualification for positions where a master's degree is required. After completing your degree, you will have the opportunity to apply for a licentiate or doctoral degree in Finland and abroad.

Our degrees have been designed to be completable while working. Some of our degree programmes are fully implemented online and some are implemented as multiform studies.

Read more about our degree programmes on their websites:

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Management in Sustainable Business

Management in Sustainable Business | Part-time, online Degree Programme Degree Content Contact Us Application Instructions Kuuntele Degree Programme OBJECTIVES The Management in Sustainable Business degree programme is intended for those who want to enhance their knowledge of design and innovation forcontinue reading
Students and teacher with a Dobot robot

Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Technologies Degree Programme Degree Content Contact Us Application Instructions Kuuntele Degree Programme OBJECTIVES In Sustainable Technologies degree programme you will get highly specialised knowledge in your field of study, which forms a basis for original research and development work. You havecontinue reading