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Principles of Sustainability


Application is over

Field of study

  • Entrepreneurship and Business

Type of education

  • Open University

Academic level

  • Bachelor Level Studies - EQF 6

Teaching language

  • English


  • Online

Teaching format

  • Online Learning


International Business Degree Programme, part of 1st year module Sustainability in Management


The purpose of this course is to allow students the opportunity for learning by doing through the development and management of a real-life project related to sustainability. The student will utilize project management, project management tools as well as the communication strategies needed for implementing and analyzing a real-life project.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

- Be capable of planning, executing and reflecting on a real-life project
- Be able to work as a project team member or project leader and develop cultural awareness skills through working in diverse teams
- Understand how to work with colleagues; handle problems, establish goals in career development and professional growth
- Develop their creative thinking abilities through designing an innovative project


The aim of the course is to introduce the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development.
The student will understand the different dimensions of sustainability, the driving forces behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to balance the nowadays economic, social, and environmental needs. The course will discuss the drivers needed to enact a positive change with regards to a more sustainable way of living and doing business. The policies and sustainable practices of different stakeholders will be discussed.

Teaching methods

Variety of instructional tools would be utilized. Lectures will be delivered using PowerPoint presentations and will be supplemented by case studies, videos and articles when necessary.

Any concerns or issues should be communicated as soon as possible, in class or by email.
Moodle will be the primary communication tool.
Lecture notes will be available before each class. It will contain homework assignments, study guides, and important instructions.

The teaching and learning methods to support the above are:
• Lectures
• Group work
• Presentations

Learning material

Books from HAMK library will be made available on Moodle

Additional info

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Evaluation criteria