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Continuous enrollment

Registration periods

  • Enrol anytime

Field of study

  • Sustainable development

Type of education

  • Open University

Academic level

  • Master Level Studies - EQF 7

Teaching language

  • English


  • Online

Teaching format

  • Online Learning


After completing the course, you will be able to:

•determine what sustainable development means
•identify the dimensions of sustainable development and the connections between them
•compare how sustainable development is promoted in different fields
•apply sustainability thinking in your studies, work and everyday life
•make decisions according to criteria of sustainability


After completing the course, you have deepened your own knowledge and competence in sustainability. Sustainable development competence is the most important competence in the future. With ecologically, socially and economically sustainable operations, we can make a decisive impact on the fight against climate change. Operating in accordance with sustainable development is the key to a sustainable future, which enables the innovation and implementation of new services, technologies and operating models without exceeding the carrying capacity of nature. Through the financial sustainability of operations and services, the responsible utilisation of renewable natural resources and the well-being of people, we ensure good living opportunities for current and future generations.

Teaching methods

This is a non-stop online course for open university students.

Welcome to study sustainability - the most important skill of the future!

In the Sustainable Development.Now online course, you will learn the basics of sustainability and understand how sustainability is reflected in different sectors. You will also learn what it takes to achieve a sustainable future.

The world has developed in an unsustainable way. Society must strive for more sustainable and responsible actions.
To change this trend, we need experts in sustainability and responsibility. Be a change agent and get this knowledge!

Additional info

Open UAS students enrol via enrolment form that can be found on website https:/

You can start your studies within a week of enrolment. Study period: 3 months from starting date.

Cost for the student: Open UAS fees can be found on website. Study fee is 15 euros/credit and the payment is made upon enrolment.

Student give course feedback via a browser at

Credits can be found within one month at:

Evaluation criteria


Terms and conditions,
Open UAS, non-stop course

By registering for the training, you accept the cancellation policy.

  • The tuition fee is paid upon registration.
  • You can start the studies approximately within a week of registration.
  • The tuition fee is non-refundable, even if you cancel your registration. 


Ask about registration and practical arrangements:

For more information on the content of the studies, please contact the course teacher. Staff email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)