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HAMK Gaming Academy in English


The popularity of esports is rising internationally, as well as in Finland. Esports is described as competitive playing of video games.

HAMK is participating in this phenomena by arranging studies, doing research and working with multiple projects related to this field.

What is our approach?

Professional competitive Gaming
Our approach to esports ecosystem development

HAMK Gaming Academy connects HAMK with local, areal and national partners. Esports is build around competitive gaming, but the business environment has multiple approaches that all can be connected to the different degree programmes of HAMK, from business administration to smart and sustainable design.

HAMK Gaming Academy is fitted into the structure of the degree programmes of HAMK, meaning students cannot directly apply for the Gaming Academy, but can take courses as a part of their degree.


Studies open for HAMK students.

Esports Business Management module

Esports Business Management module

The 15-credits wide Esports Business Management module consists of three courses. The studies last for two periods and are set in periods 2 and 3. The module is available for all HAMK degree students.  

The module contains three courses of 5 credits: 

  • Sports Management (5 ECTS, English) 
  • Esports Projects (5 ECTS, English) 
  • Marketing and Events (5 ECTS, English) 

The Esports Management and Marketing and Events courses run in full as an online implementation. The Esports Projects section may require attendance depending on the project. 

The module is in optional studies and open to all HAMK UAS students. The module has a maximum attendance of 40. 

You can check more details of the module here>>
Read about the module experience here>> 

Introduction to Game Engine Development and AR/VR module

Introduction to Game Engine Development and AR/VR module

Module content:

the student:

    • knows how to design and model 3D game assets
    • is able to select an appropriate 3D modelling method based on the required optimisation for a game engine
    • understands the principles of a specific game engine and requirements of the target platforms
    • is able to programme functionalities with game engine
    • is able to produce a working and optimised executable programme using a game engine
    • understands the possibilities and the challenges of VR and AR as a presentation mediums and is able to capitalise on its strengths
    • knows the most common VR and AR devices and is able to select the appropriate technical solution

More information will come later.

We are happy to collaborate on esports with different organizations. Forms of cooperation may include e.g.

  • student projects
  • internships
  • theses
  • research projects

Student projects of varying sizes have already been implemented through HAMK Gaming Academy, ranging from esports related marketing plans to product development. In addition to this, our BBA students have done theses for gaming companies, esports teams and other stakeholders in esports.

We are also happy to be involved in larger development projects and ecosystem work.


HAMK Gaming Academy offers HAMK degree students the opportunity to profile their know-how in the form of a thesis when it comes to esports regardless of their education. 

HAMK Gaming Academy coordinates future thesis needs of companies related to esports to HAMK, forwards them to students and acts as the commissioner of the theses themselves. Primarily theses are giving to the students, who have have been or who are involved in other activities of HAMK Gaming Academy. If you are interested in making a thesis regarding esports, contact gaming@hamk.fi. 

Examples of theses that have already been done. 

Research and Business Cooperation

HAMK Gaming Academy works closely with HAMK Smart research unit. The cooperation materializes in the Future Wearables & Gaming lab space in Valkeakoski, where we are exploring the potential of wearable smart devices in the field of esports and developing upon it. 

Article on video Gaming by university students:
E-sports and video gaming popular among HAMK students 
Article on the possibilities of esports from HAMK’s perspective:
What esports could mean to HAMK?

We have also done two surveys on HAMK students about their gaming hobbies and about their interests in esports.  

Corporate cooperation and projects are materialized especially in thesis cooperation and in Esports Business Management modules project portion. Projects have been done for The municipality of Vesilahti, The City of Valkeakoski, HAMK, Gaming room Bunkkeri and for Hämpton Games. 

Hämpton Games is built in collaboration with regions operators.

The gaming lab by HAMK Gaming Academy of HAMK Valkeakoski campus is now ready.

In the gaming lab you can find five top notch pc’s with top notch peripherals. The Gaming lab has been built with students in mind, so students can play all different kinds of video games from different genres with their friends. And if your favorite game isn’t on the pc’s, you can email gaming@hamk.fi about it, and we will see what we can do. Currently CS:GO and Valorant are the only games on the pc’s, but in the fall we will be adding more games.

Gaming Lab reservations

Gaming Lab can be found in the A building of the Valkeakoski campus (room 140A). You can reserve Gaming Lab for your use through the Pakki or Tuudo systems (Room reservation –> Gaming Lab).


  • Gaming lab will be closed 15 minutes before the campus is closed. 
  • Gaming lab needs to be kept clean 
  • The reservation will be made on Pakki or Tuudo for the whole Gaming Lab part of Room 140A, no single PC reservations. (Room Reservations –> Gaming Lab) 
  • Person who made the reservation is responsible for the pcs and the peripherals. 
  • If HAMK Smart Research unit has reserved the room, Gaming lab is not open for others. 
  • You cannot download new games/software. Suggestions for them can be made by sending an e-mail to gaming@hamk.fi 
  • Misuse will lead to a closing of the room for an undetermined time. 


  • Acer Predator Orion 3000-620:  
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-10700  
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti  
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM 
  • 1024 GB SSD 


  • L33T Gaming Elite V4 PU – Gaming Chair
  • Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O – Gaming Mouse
  • Blackstorm RGB Mech 2021 60% Dual Mode – Gaming Keyboard
  • AOC 24G2U 24″ – Gaming Monitor
  • HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

PC login credentials

  • Username: normaluser
  • Password: Talv1nen-joulukuu-2021

Information on how to reserve the room will be available in the near future.

Future Wearables Lab

HAMK Gaming Team

HAMK Gaming- team is currently focused on CS:GO. Other games will be a part of the team’s operation, if there is interest. HAMK Gaming team had their first showing in the Hämpton Games esports event in 2020 where they placed first. In 2020 our team placed second in the same event. 

HAMK Gaming – team is open to every HAMK student who is interested. If playing for a team is something you are interested in, contact us gaming@hamk.fi 

Victory for HAMK’s team at Hämpton Games 2020 and a second place in 2021.

HAMK Gaming Team was in Co-operation with youtubers NikojaSanttu and HAMK. HAMK Gaming played CS:GO against them in their video

Victory for HAMK’s team at Hämpton Games 2020

Hämpton Games

Hämpton Games is a local CS:GO event held in Hämeenlinna. HAMK is one of the main sponsors and cooperators of the event. Qualifiers are played before the event itself. The event includes semifinals and finals. The event venue has been Verkatehdas the previous years. HAMK is a sponsor and a collaborator in the event. The event is held by the local gaming room Bunkkeri.

Hämpton Games Website


Bitfest is organized by Häme University of Applied Sciences Business IT degree programme. The focus of the seminar is digitality, but subject is dealt multidisciplinary from different perspectives such as entrepreneurship, business, start-ups, innovations and internationalization.  

The aim of the event is also to inspire students and companies to implement projects based on their own passions and expertise in multidisciplinary cooperation. 

Bitfest website

Sisu Spring Lan

SISU Spring LAN ’22 is an event organized by HAMK International Business students. Project SISU-module is a part of the second-year studies. SISU Spring LAN ’22 is first of its kind in Valkeakoski. The event turned out to be a huge challenge for such a small team, especially when they were the first students to organize something like this but this challenge was something they all wanted to tackle together.

Read about Sisu Spring Lan ’22

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