HAMK began a training partnership with a British preschool company

Häme University of applied sciences

HAMK began a training partnership with a British preschool company

26.11.2018 12:00

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) has signed an agreement with the Kipinä Kids company. Kipinä Kids is a company with a British background that runs preschools for children aged 4 to 6 in many different countries. The company is currently expanding its operations to several new countries. HAMK will train the employees for the new preschools.


HAMK will train the staff for the new preschools being opened by Kipinä Kids. Established in 2013, the company now has preschools in countries that include Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt. At least 10 new preschools are scheduled to open next year. They will be located in the southern Mediterranean region, Persian Gulf countries and Southeast Asia.

HAMK will be training the early childhood education experts for the new preschools.

“We will provide them with training that focuses on the main principles and pedagogical methods of Finnish early childhood education,” says Director Maaret Viskari from HAMK.
“In practice, the training will be implemented as online education that is tailored to meet the competence needs of each participant. Some of the staff require broad-based training in early childhood education while others already have more background education. For them, the training will focus more on supplementing previous competence,” explains Viskari as she describes the training model.

Kipinä Kids preschools are based on the franchise principle, so each new preschool entrepreneur receives a ready-to-use framework that governs implementation of the activities. Staff training is also part of this framework. The name “Kipinä” was selected as a link to Finland, which the company considers a model country for education. It has also based its operations on the Finnish early childhood education model. English is the language at all the chain’s preschools. HAMK is Kipinä Kids’ main partner for staff training. Kipinä’s other Finnish partner is Moomin Language School.

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Maaret Viskari, Director, Global Education, HAMK, +358 50 574 5943, firstname.lastname@hamk.fi