HAMK is looking for friend families for foreign students

Häme University of applied sciences

HAMK is looking for friend families for foreign students

07.09.2018 12:35

For a foreign student, a friend family offers an important window into the Finnish culture and daily life.

For the sixth year in a row, Häme University of Applied Sciences organises friend family activities for the foreign students that start their studies at HAMK this autumn. The friend family activities aim to familiarize foreign students with Finnish culture, language and lifestyle through local friends. At the same time, the activities give local people the opportunity to get to know foreign university students and their cultures.

Friend family activities are organised in Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski. Friend family activities will start in September-October. Families can register as friend families via online form (in Finnish) or by e-mailing the coordinators.

Intercultural encounters

HAMK has around 700 foreign students in three different municipalities. It can be challenging for foreign students to get to know locals outside their studies and during their stay they may not get a chance to experience Finnish everyday life other than the student life.

Friend family activities can include participating in the family’s normal daily activities, joint leisure activities, cooking, trips to a summer cottage, or even watching movies together. Some things that we Finns see like basic everyday life activities, such as sauna, outdoor excursions, Finnish food, ice hockey and skiing, are often exotic experiences for foreign students. Finnish language studies are part of the foreign students’ degree, and many students would like to find a friend family with which they could practice the language safely. Through friend family activity, the local family has the opportunity to practice their language skills and to familiarize themselves with the student’s culture.

For more information:

Anu Virtanen, Coordinator of Friend Family Activities, Hämeenlinna, +358 50 5745046, firstname.lastname@hamk.fi

Salla Niittymäki, Coordinator of Friend Family Activities, +359 40 0127815 , firstname.lastname@hamk.fi

Leena Koivisto, Coordinator of Friend Family Activities, Valkeakoski, +358 40 0156689, firstname.lastname@hamk.fi