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HAMK’s Partner Institutions
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu

HAMK’s Partner Institutions

HAMK's partner institutions

HAMK has strategic partners, partner universities and double degree partners all over the world.

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) has around 100 partner universities in Europe as well as about 20 partner universities in Asia, North and South America, Russia and Africa.

We have a strategic partnership with two universities:

  • Feevale University, Brazil
  • VIA University College, Denmark.

In addition, HAMK has about 10 double degree partners so that students can complete another degree while studying at HAMK.

Partner universities can be found via SoleMOVE system

HAMK’s partner universities are in the SoleMOVE system for international mobility. If you wish to browse HAMK’s partners, do the following:

  • In your internet browser, go to https://saas.solenovo.fi/solemove/disp//14_/en/public/nop/nop.
  • In the drop-down list, choose Häme University on Applied Sciences (HAMK).
  • Two links will appear on the pale blue area above the Login. Click on the Exchange Destinations Abroad.
  • A set of search criteria will appear for your filtering.
  • The Start search button will start the search.