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HAMK’s social media takeover
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HAMK’s social media takeover

Apply for HAMK's social media reporter - earn free lunches for a week!

Are you a social media wizard? We are looking for students to share their student lives for one week on HAMK’s Instagram (@hamkstories) and Snapchat (@hamk_uas) accounts.

What do you and your classmates do on daily bases? What have you learned? Who is the most interesting person among your friends or the most inspiring teacher? How do you combine studies, family and work? Are you doing an internship, are you on the final stages of your thesis or just started your studies?

There are over 7000 students at HAMK and each one of our student have their own story to tell. Share yours with us!

The task is to post on your chosen social media channel (Instagram or Snapchat) for the duration of one week between January 2019 and June 2019. You need the post minimum of 5 posts. The posts can be in the form of video, photo or text.

After your social media takeover week, you will be given 5 free lunched at your campus’ restaurant.

Interested? Apply by sending an application form here.

The weeks will be filled in the order of applications. If you want a specific week, make sure to apply as soon as possible.

HAMK has the right to use the material produced by the student, however the student has copyright for his/her material. Text, photos and videos can be used in HAMK’s marketing in example by re-posting on HAMK’s website and social media channels.

All HAMK students from all degree programmes can apply for social media takeover. If you want to be awarded study credits from the social media takeover, contact your study advisor. One option is to add optional course ´99991209 Marketing your education and competence´ to your study plan. More information about optional courses.


Need more info?

For more information please email: markkinointiviestinta@hamk.fi


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Instagram: @hamkstories


Snapchat: @hamk_uas