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Immigration Information
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Immigration Information

Good to know

Great that you have chosen Finland and HAMK to your study destination! As it comes to the immigration issues, we kindly want to remind, that you should treat all issues relating to your Finnish immigration with the appropriate seriousness.

All matters relating to immigration in Finland are administered through Finnish Immigration Service (Maahanmuuttovirasto). Please visit their website at The website provides immigration information in many different languages, processing times in days for student residence permits, appeal procedures, a flowchart for residence permit process with Finnish diplomatic missions abroad, and information about other immigration matters.

Student residence permits and visas

Starting studies in Finland – Do I need a Visa or Residence permit?

No matter if you are an exchange student or studying the whole degree, first thing to do is to find out if you need a visa or a residence permit for entering Finland.

Please check the updated information from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) websites:

Extended permit for studies

You should apply for an extended permit when your previous residence permit is going to expire. The extended permit will be granted for two years, if you meet the requirements. You can also apply for an extended permit for a shorter time.

Check the updated information how to apply extension from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) websites: and

Working while studying

The residence permit for studies enables you to work without restrictions if your work is related to your degree. This means work placement and thesis work. You also have a right to have other jobs but the following restrictions apply:

  • You may only work for an average of 25 hours per week during the academic terms.
    • The number of working hours is not restricted on a weekly level. This means that you can adjust your weekly working hours during the academic term, as long as you work for 25 hours a week on average.
  • You can work without restrictions at the times when your educational institution offers no instruction.

Please check the updated information from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) websites:

Work after graduation

If you have studied and completed a degree in Finland,

  • you may apply for a new residence permit on the basis of work immediately after you have found a job; or
  • apply for a residence permit for seeking work if you are not yet employed.

Please check the updated information from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) websites:


If you need a student residence permit to Finland, insurance is one of the mandatory requirements. Please check detailed information from here:

Even if you don’t need to have a residence permit, HAMK requires all foreign students to have an extensive insurance cover for their studies.

Finnish identity code (ID number)

All new foreign students need a Finnish personal identity code.

For students coming from outside the EU/EEA area should apply for the identity code along with the residence permit application:

Students from the EU/EEA area apply for the identity code when they have arrived, at the Local Register Office:

The identity code makes life in Finland much easier and is needed, for example when opening a Finnish bank account or at hospitals. It is also needed for HAMK’s student register.