Info Catalogue (ECTS Course Catalogue) - Häme University of applied sciences
Info Catalogue (ECTS Course Catalogue)
International Professional Teacher Education

Info Catalogue (ECTS Course Catalogue)

ECTS Course Catalogue

HAMK’s ECTS Course Catalogue includes detailed, user-friendly and up-to-date information on HAMK’s learning environment (general information on the institution, its resources and services, as well as academic information on its programmes and individual educational components) available to all students before entering and throughout their studies to enable them to make the right choices and use their time most efficiently.

Information on the institution

Name and address
Academic calendar and enrolment
Academic authorities
General description of the institution
List of programmes offered
Admission requirements
Recognition of prior learning
General registration procedures
Student workload and ECTS credit allocation
Grading scale
Academic guidance 
Student feedback

Information on programmes

Bachelor’s degree programmes
Master’s degree programmes 
Exchange studies
Double degree programmes 
Qualification awarded
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning (formal, non-formal and informal)
Qualification requirements and regulations
Bachelor level
Master level
Profile of the programme and key learning outcomes
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Access to further studies
Course structure diagram with credits
Examination regulations, assessment and grading
Graduation requirements 
Mode of study
Heads of degree programmes 
Description of individual course units (e.g. title, code, type, level)

General information for students

Admissions office for degree students
International office for exchange students
Guidance counsellors
Cost of living
Health care
Wellbeing services
Accessibility and special arrangements
Degree students
Exchange students
Financial support for students
Learning facilities
Exchange studies abroad
Work placement abroad
Leisure facilities
Student associations