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Info for visitors
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Info for visitors

Information for visitors to Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

Welcome to Häme University of Applied Sciences. 

Below we have complied a list of tips and practical information for visiting lecturers, researchers, staff members and business representatives so that your visit will be as smooth and successful as possible. 

Teacher, staff and researcher mobility

Teachers and lecturers

HAMK welcomes visiting teachers and lecturers from our partner universities. If you would like to come to HAMK as a visiting teacher or lecturer, first contact your home institution to find out whether there is an Erasmus or bilateral agreement between your university and HAMK. The agreement will also state whether your field of expertise is included in the agreement. Your university will help you to find the right contact person at HAMK in order to continue discussions and make plans for the visit. We hope that the visit will lead to long-term cooperation, for instance in developing joint courses and RDI projects.

After you have found a host at HAMK and agreed on the timing and content of the visit, complete the Erasmus Mobility Agreement for Teaching form and send it to HAMK International at to be signed and be sure to copy your contact person at HAMK in the email.

Non-teaching staff

HAMK welcomes teaching and non-teaching staff to our International Staff Weeks. Read more here.

If you would like to complete a separate staff exchange with us, you will first need to find your contact person at HAMK. So please describe in detail what are your interests for the visit:

  • what information, best practices, etc. you are interested in sharing or benchmarking
  • reserve enough time to discuss the timing of your visit.

After you have found a host at HAMK and agreed on the timing and content of the visit, complete the Erasmus Mobility Agreement for Staff Training form and send it to HAMK International at to be signed and be sure to copy your contact person at HAMK in the email.

Researcher mobility

HAMK has four research units. If you are interested in research mobility options, please contact the research director of the relevant research unit.

Within the RUN-EU alliance, researchers from the RUN-EU partner universities can participate in a research mobility programme. Please contact Annukka Pakarinen or Jukka Pulkkinen for more information.

Academic Calendar

The academic year at HAMK runs from 1 August to 31 July. The academic year is divided into five periods:

Autumn semester

Period 1: mid-August to mid-October

Period 2: mid-October to mid-December

Spring semester

Period 3: early January to mid-March

Period 4: mid-March to early May

You can find HAMK’s academic calendar here.

Arrival in Finland and HAMK

HAMK has seven campuses and all of them are located in southern Finland. Please see their locations below and how to reach them when you arrive in Finland:

Accommodation options

Visitors to HAMK should find their own accommodation directly from the hotel/hostel. You can find a list of hotels close to our campuses below.


List of hotels and hostels


Hotelli Waltikka


List of hotels in Riihimäki


List of hotels in Forssa

If you are going to Evo, Lepaa or Mustiala, please contact for further information and support.

During your stay in Finland

Suitable clothing and footwear

There is a famous saying in Finnish “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. Finnish seasons are very diverse. Winters are cold with a lot of snow, temperatures below 0°C and short days. On the other hand, summers may be warm and the longest day in southern Finland lasts for nearly 20 hours. You need proper clothing for different weather. For most of the year, the key to a perfect Finland outfit is layers. It can also rain so it might be wise to pack a wind/waterproof jacket or take at least an umbrella with you. For walking outdoors be sure to bring some sneakers or other sports footwear with you.

Always check the weather forecast before your trip. You can find the most up to date weather forecast by Finnish Meteorological Institute here.

Tap water

Finland has pure and healthy tap water, which is available almost anywhere free of charge. Tap water in Finland is among the highest quality in the world and needs no treatment in many areas. If you carry your own reusable bottle with you (and hopefully you do), you can fill your own bottle from the tap.

Living with allergies

If you have allergies or special diets, you certainly do not need to worry! Finland and HAMK follow the EU regulations that require certain allergens to be always mentioned in the food tags. For more detailed information, please read here.


S-group markets and K-group markets are the two most common supermarket chains in Finland, from which you can shop for everyday groceries. There are also Lidl and TokmanniR-kioski is the convenience store chain.

Waste and recycling

In Finland, we might have a different waste and recycling system than what you are familiar with in your own country. In Finland, paper and cardboard, glass packaging, metal, plastic, mixed waste, hazardous waste, electrical equipment and batteries are usually sorted separately. Instructions for such practices might vary a bit depending on where you stay in Finland. There are usually instructions written on the trash containers. You can find a waste guide here.

HAMK wireless visitor network

A wireless visitor network is available in all HAMK campuses.

Money and paying

ATM = OTTO or NOSTO. ATMs are available in many central places, and you can withdraw cash with internationally recognised credit cards.

In Finland, the most common method of payment is a debit or credit card. Foreign debit and credit cards can be used in Finland, but it is best to check with your card provider before arriving in Finland.


If you need to visit the pharmacy during your visit, the place is called Apteekki in Finnish. If you need other health services, you can find information here.

Emergency number 112

There is only one emergency number in Finland – 112. Please do not call the emergency number unless you have a genuine emergency for which you need urgent assistance from the authorities (police, paramedics, firefighters, or social services). Please refer to Emergency Response Centre Agency Finland for more detailed information on calling the emergency number. You can also download the 112 Suomi application.

Useful Finnish words

Below you can find a list of vocabulary for your stay in Finland.


hei – hello

hauska tavata – nice to meet you

näkemiin – goodbye

kiitos – thank you

kyllä – yes

ei – no

nimeni on … – My name is ….

en puhu suomea – I don’t speak Finnish



apteeki – pharmacy

sairaala – hospital

kauppa – shop, store

keskusta – city centre

bensa-asema – petrol station

huoltoasema – service station


auto – car

bussi – bus

juna – train

raitiovaunu – tram

metro – subway

taksi – taxi


katu – street

tie – road

asema – station

linja-auto-asema – bus station

matkakeskus – travel centre

lentoasema – airport

bussipysäkki – bus stop

For more information and support, please contact