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International HAMK
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International HAMK

International HAMK

Internationalization is in the core of HAMK’s education, research and development activities. In HAMK’s strategy, leading our way to 2030, competence, knowledge, internationalisation, entrepreneurship and cooperation intertwine and build into a renewed significant and influential university of applied sciences.

HAMK is globally networked university and committed to its partnerships. HAMK values the strategic alliances and networks in which we implement joint research and renew education to meet the future skills needs.

HAMK students have versatile possibilities for developing their international competences in their studies. In each study module teachers enable learning using versatile pedagogical solutions, which are implemented with a strong international approach. Each HAMK student will complete an international project during their studies. The international elements in HAMK’s competence-based curricula and the work-based projects in the modules ensure that HAMK graduates have the needed competences for the fast-changing society and the skills to act as global problem-solvers.

HAMK values its versatile international student communities in its seven campuses. The international degree students within and outside of Europe and the Finnish students in HAMK’s 8 degree-awarding English-taught programmes create multicultural learning environments. HAMK welcomes exchange students for each of its degree programmes each semester to experience the HAMK way of learning.