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Virtual IT Lab Embotics vCommander

Virtual IT Lab Embotics vCommander

The virtual IT lab allows teachers to teach subjects that cannot be easily taught in regular computer classrooms, such as operation system teaching, installation courses and system teaching, as these typically require main admin rights. The IT Lab also allows people to participate in the class remotely from home or any other location. When a teacher wants to use the vCommander system for their implementation, they must order a workspace for vCommander from the ServiceDesk. When submitting their order, the teacher must specify the module’s implementation group as well as the necessary virtual servers. Students can log in to the service at to order the servers they need for the course. These servers will be prepared beforehand to the implementation specifications of the module.

The service is available from HAMK network, VDI workstations or VPN connection.

HAMK instructions (old intranet)

Snow-Embotics instructions

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