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Library provides access to information any time and anywhere

HAMK library is open for all, and our printed collections are for the use of all clients. Our online library HAMK Finna offers an easy access to all material in library collections. The use of e-collections requires a HAMK user id. Visitors may access e-collections inside the library, with a few exceptions.

If the material required is not already in HAMK library collections, it can be bought or borrowed from elsewhere. For people with reading disabilities, we offer access to Celia services. For more information, see below.

HAMK library collections focus on HAMK fields of study. The physical collections are located in Hämeenlinna university centre and six campus libraries. Printed books can be ordered from all HAMK campuses, free of charge. For more information on library borrowing practices, see Instructions for library use.


The majority of printed books, including textbooks, has been placed in loan collections with a 28-day loan period.  E-books can be read online or downloaded for a maximum period of two weeks. Information on all the collections can be found in HAMK Finna.

Journals and magazines

The journal collection focuses on professional and scientific information, and consists of both printed and e-journals. Printed journals are located on campus, where they can be used inside the library. Access to all e-journals is in HAMK Finna.

Printed journal titles

E-journal titles


HAMK theses are available in Theseus or in HAMK internal e-archive. Library does not have printed copies of theses. Information on all theses available in the e-archive can be found in HAMK Finna. Visitors may access the e-archive inside the library.

> How to use HAMK thesis archive (HAMK Finna)

E-collections and tutorials

Always use HAMK Finna to access library e-collections. The use of e-collections requires HAKA login with a HAMK user id. HAMK Finna also lists open access material that is available for all.

For information on library e-collections, their terms and conditions and user tutorials, see HAMK Finna.

Museum collections

Evo, Lepaa and Mustiala campuses have museum collections that have been partly catalogued and are visible in HAMK Finna. Museum collections are not freely accessible nor available for interlibrary loan. The use of museum collections for research and study purposes can be made available upon consideration.

HAMK library acquires material to the campus libraries according to the HAMK library collection policy. You can suggest a new book to be acquired to HAMK library collections using the acquisition suggestion form.

The suggested material will often be added to HAMK library collections, provided it supports HAMK study fields and is no older than a few years. Material outside HAMK study fields and older material can be borrowed from other libraries.

Inter-library loans for HAMK library clients

If you cannot find the material you need in any of the HAMK campus libraries, we can make an inter-library loan request and borrow it for you from another library. For HAMK students and staff the inter-library loans are free of charge. For clients outside HAMK, the inter-library loan charge is 10 euros/item.

Please request an inter-library loan using the inter-library loan request -form.

Please notice the inter-library loan requests are possible to make only for the material we do not have at HAMK library. For requests from other HAMK campus libraries, please use HAMK Finna.

Inter-library loans for libraries

Inter-library service is available from our collections to other libraries – just send an e-mail to kirjasto.kaukopalvelu(at)

See the price list for information about the prices. Please note that HAMK library is not part of the IFLA Voucher Scheme.

Library can check and renew its loans in the library collection database HAMK Finna. Library will receive directions on how to do this with their first loan or by contacting us on kirjasto.kaukopalvelu(at)

If you have problems with reading printed text books due to dyslexia, learning disability, illness, injury or some other similar reason, you are eligible to join Celia talking book service.

Registering as a Celia client

You can register as a Celia client in HAMK Library. Please book an appointment to discuss about Celia. During the discussion we will make the registration and go through Celia’s services and how to use them. Please reserve about an hour for the introduction and registration. Please leave your contact details by sending email to our customer service

Ordering course books

As a HAMK Student you are allowed to borrow and order university course books from Celia free of charge. In case you can’t find the course book you need in Celianet, contact your campus library or Celia for help. If the book is not yet in an accessible format, Celia can produce a copy. This takes about three months.

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