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Library collections
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Library collections

Library collections focus on HAMK study fields

HAMK library is open for all, and our printed collections are for the use of all clients. Our online library HAMK Finna offers an easy access to all material in library collections. The use of e-collections requires a HAMK user id. Visitors may access e-collections inside the library, with few exceptions.

The library supports HAMK learning, teaching, and research, with the collections focusing on HAMK fields of study. The physical collections are located in Hämeenlinna university centre and six campus libraries:

  • Hämeenlinna University Centre (Business economics, building construction, ict, design, education, social work, nursing)
  • Evo (Forestry)
  • Forssa (Sustainable development, nursing)
  • Lepaa (Gardening, built environment)
  • Mustiala (Agriculture, equine business)
  • Riihimäki (Mechanical engineering, production technology, ict)
  • Valkeakoski (Business economics, automation engineering, industrial management)

Printed books can be ordered from other HAMK campuses free of charge. For more information on library borrowing practices, see Loan and renew


The majority of printed books, including textbooks, has been placed in loan collections with a 28-day loan period.  E-books can be read online or downloaded for a maximum period of two weeks. Information on all the collections can be found in HAMK Finna.

Journals and magazines

The journal collection focuses on professional and scientific information, and consists of both printed and e-journals. Printed journals are located on campuses, where they can be used inside the library. Access to all e-journals is in HAMK Finna.

> Printed journal titles

> E-journal titles


HAMK theses are available in Theseus or HAMK internal e-archive. Library does not have printed copies of theses. Information on all theses available in the e-archive can be found in HAMK Finna. Visitors may access the e-archive inside the library.

E-collections and tutorials

Always use HAMK Finna to login to library e-collections. The use of e-collections requires HAKA login with a HAMK user id. HAMK Finna also lists open access material that is available for all.

For information on library e-collections, their terms and conditions and user tutorials, see HAMK Finna.

Browse HAMK e-collection user statistics (in Finnish only)

Museum collections

Evo, Lepaa and Mustiala campuses have museum collections that have been partly catalogued and visible in HAMK Finna. Museum collections are not freely accessible nor available for interlibrary loan. The use of museum collections for research and study purposes can be made available upon consideration.

Collection services and development

Library maintains, manages and develops its collections in accordance with the principles stated in library collections policy. For more information, please contact the library collections team at 

Textbooks and supplementary reading material used during study modules are offered in printed and/or electronic form.  In the case of textbooks, e-books are favoured when possible and suitable. Textbook needs and requirements (number of copies, suitable user license etc.) are decided on in collaboration with the teaching staff. The following factors are taken into account: form of education, number of students, cost and format of material, possible alternative reading material  etc. Library aims at providing one copy for 5-7 students. The ratio is smaller in case of supplementary reading material.

Lecturer, please inform the library well in advance of your textbook requirements to ensure that it can be made available for students by module start. Printed books may take two to eight weeks to arrive, e-books can usually be made available within a few hours or days.

Inform the library of textbooks or send us an e-mail

HAMK staff can request personal copies of the literature they need at work on a daily basis. Staff copies or loans are always paid by the department, so the consent of the head of department will be required. Library handles the orders and acquisitions.

Once you have consent from your manager, please provide the library ( with the following information:

  1. exact information on the material required
  2. target code for invoice posting
  3. name of person who will  approve the invoice

You will receive an e-mail as soon as your personal copy is available at the library.

Personal copies or staff loans are listed on your HAMK Finna account. Staff loans are due once a year, in May, when library will contact you.  The material you still need will be renewed for another year, the rest can be returned to the library. Previous staff copies will be made available in library loan collections. Outdated material will be removed from collections. Staff members are personally responsible for all their loans.

Reference material can also be placed in a separately named location, such as a shared office. This material is also paid by the department.

Books from library loan collections are not available as personal staff loans, with the exception of the material originally paid by departments.

Inter-library loans are part of HAMK library collection services. For more information, see Loan and renew.

Contact inter-library loan service at

Library collections team is responsible for the management and development of collections. Responsibility of collections has been spread inside the team as follows:

Päivi Hollanti (HYOS, TEOS, e-collections, inter-library loans)
Roope Hollmén (AOKK, e-collections)
Kaste-Helmi Oja (cataloguing, printed material)
Anne Syväpää (orders and cataloguing, printed material)
Sari Säynäjoki (BITA, YRLI, HAMI, e-collections)
Irina Vikman (orders, printed material; cataloguing, printed and e-material)

You can contact us at