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Instructions for library use
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Instructions for library use

Get to know HAMK library

HAMK Library is open for all and helps you with all your information needs. Here you can learn more about using the library.

You will need a HAMK library card to become a HAMK library client.

HAMK student – Apply for the library card in Tuudo.

HAMK students without a Finnish social security number, please fill the library card application form. You will receive further instructions via email.

Other customers can fill the library card application form online. Come to Hämeenlinna university centre library with a valid photo ID and we will give you your library card.

Library card is personal and you will be responsible for all the material borrowed with the card. You can use the same library card in all HAMK campus libraries.

Please keep your library card with you when using the library.

Here you can find more information how to borrow, reserve, renew and return materials in HAMK Libraries.


Please borrow your books using the borrowing machine. If you have any problems, you can come and ask the library staff for help. You can borrow books from all HAMK campus libraries.

Loan periods

HAMK library loan period is 28 days. Journals can’t be borrowed.

You are responsible for renewing and returning your loans on time.

You will receive a due date notice via email before the due date. When you renew or return your loans on time you will avoid the overdue fines.

Amount of books out on loan

As a HAMK or HAMI student you can borrow up to 40 items at a time. As a client outside HAMK, you can borrow up to 20 items at a time.


In case the book you need is out on loan for someone else or is located in another HAMK campus library, you can make a reservation for the book in HAMK Finna. You can choose to pick up your reservation in any of the campus libraries. You can also make reservation for the books that are on the shelves. Making reservations is free of charge.

As a HAMK student or staff member you can log in HAMK Finna using your HAMK username and password. During your first log in you will need to add your library card into your account. To do this you will need your library card number and a PIN code. You will receive your PIN code while picking up your library card from HAMK library.

As a client outside HAMK or HAMI student, you can log in HAMK Finna with your library card number and the PIN code. Make book reservations via email to hamk.kirjasto(at)

If you don’t know your PIN code you can change it in HAMK Finna. Please use the same email that you have informed to the library’s customer service when you picked the library card.

Notice of arrival

You will receive an email notification once the material you’ve requested is ready for pick up at your campus library. Requested material is held  for 7 days. Please check your email notice of arrival for when to collect your request at the latest.

Picking up your reservation

You can pick up your reservations from a self-service shelf next to the borrowing machine. The reservations have been arranged alphabetically under your family name OR by your own alias / user name (hold’s identifier). Please borrow your reservations using the borrowing machine.

Inter-library loans

If you can’t find the material you need in HAMK library, you can make an inter-library loan request on the book.


You can renew your loans in HAMK Finna.

HAMK students and staff can log in HAMK Finna with their HAMK username and password. During your first log in, you will need to add your library card in to your account. To do this, you will need your library card number and your PIN code. If you don’t remember your PIN code, you can change it in HAMK Finna. Please use the same email that you have informed to the library’s customer service when you picked the library card.

Clients who don’t have HAMK user id can login with their library card number and the PIN code.

You can renew your loans five times. When you’ve renewed your loan the five times, you’ll need to return the book. Please note that you cannot renew your loan if the item is on hold for another client.


You can return your HAMK library loans to any of HAMK campus libraries.

Please return your loans using the returning machine. When the library is closed, you can return your loans to the return boxes outside the libraries. The return boxes are located inside the campus buildings which means you can only return your loans while the campus building is open. Your books will be processed next time the library is open. If the due date is before that day, the fee will be 0.20€ per book / day. If the Library return box is full, please don’t leave the books outside of the box, return them later.

In Hämeenlinna University Centre (Visamäki), while the library is closed, you can return your loans to the return box outside building D in Visakaarre street.

The overdue fine is 20 cent/book/workday, and three euros at the most for one book.

Once your loans are three weeks overdue, the library system marks them as lost and automatically adds the replacement cost for the book in to your account. The replacement cost will be removed from your account when you return the book back to the library. If you do not return the book, we will send you an invoice four weeks after the due date. Library will not compensate books returned after the invoicing. The invoice has to be paid in full.

When your fines reach 10 euros, or you have lost books, your borrowing rights will be suspended. This means you won’t be able to borrow, renew or make reservations. Once you’ve paid your overdue fines, you’ll be able to borrow, renew and make reservations again.

Please pay your library fees via HAMK Finna whenever possible.

Please see more information at library price list (.pdf).

You can update your contact details using the contact information -form.

If your name has changed, please come to the library customer service desk with your valid photo ID with your new name in it.

HAMK students and staff are able to use HAMK campus libraries’ facilities and materials as self-service, also outside the library opening hours. Library self-service is working in all HAMK campus libraries.

Access to library

You can acces the library with your personal key card to the campus. The key card is either activated to your student card or a separate key fob. You will have to leave the premises before the alarms are turned on.

You automatically have the self-service library access in your activated key card if you are a HAMK student or staff member.

Your personal key card is only for your own use, it is forbidden to even temporarily hand it over to someone else. It is also forbidden to let anyone else into the library premises with your card. If you are in the library when the library closes and the library self-service hours begin, you will have to check in to the library with your key card. You can do this at the library door.

Getting a key card

Getting the key card is different on each campus.

  • Evo: Ask Ulla Rauhala about getting a key card.
  • Forssa: Activate the key card on your student card on a laptop in C-door lobby. Ask Esa Virta if you need for help or the key fob.
  • Hämeenlinna: key cards are given out by HAMKO.
  • Lepaa: Ask Irmeli Vanne about getting the key card.
  • Mustiala: Ask Mervi Valtonen about getting the key card.
  • Riihimäki: Activate the key card on your student card on a laptop locared next to the info. Ask Tuula Salin at the info if you need help or the key fob.
  • Valkeakoski: Activate the key card on your student card on a laptop in the B-building lobby. Ask Hanna Kivelä if you need help or the key fob.

Borrowing and studying

You can borrow and return material using the self-check machines. You can also study and use the library premises and equipment that are meant for library customers. If the self-check machines are not working for any reason, you’re not allowed to take the material out of the library. You can only take out books that are borrowed to you.

Use the library main doors for entrance and exit. Emergency exits are only for emergencies.

There are surveillance cameras in the campus libraries. The data will be used to solve any issues and to prevent them.

What can you do during the self-service hours?

  • Borrow material using the self-check machine
  • Return loans with the self-check machine
  • Pick up and borrow reservations
  • Pick up interlibrary loans
  • Use the library collections
  • Use computers, scanner, printers and other equipment in the library
  • Use the library premises to study

What can you not do during the self-service hours?

  • Borrow journals (use only inside the library)
  • Get a new library card
  • Have personal customer service

Please keep the library clean and tidy and respect your fellow students, do not disturb their work.

HAMK library self-service rules. Non-compliance with the rules will result in the loss of access rights.

Read library rules here.

Here you can find manuals to help you use HAMK library.

Library Kahoot – Get an Overalls Patch!

Play Library Kahoot. Take a screenshot of the scoreboard in the end. You will get an overalls patch when you show the screenshot at library customer service on any campus.

Activate library card in Tuudo app

Checking book edition information in HAMK Finna

How to check the book edition in Finna

Search for the book you need and open the record. It will look like the screenshot below. The edition information is right below the title of the book and the name of the author as the red arrow shows.
If there are multiple editions of the same book, you will see a “Versions” tab next to “Holdings”, “Table of Contents” and “Reviews”.

Screenshot from Finna. Book Therapeutic recreation. Waveland press cop. 2003. 3rd edition.


Checking book edition of a book

How to check the edition information of a book

Books in English often display the edition information on the cover of the book and/or on the book’s spine. You can also find it by the publisher’s information, which is usually listed on the title page or the other side of it, before the preface or table of contents.

The book Therapeutic recreation. Text 3rd edition is displayed on the book's spine and front cover.


How to find a book on the shelf

How to find a book on the shelf

  1. Check the book’s call number on HAMK Finna. The call number is a code that shows where the book is located on the shelves. It consists of a shelf number (classification) indicating subject category and a headword indicating the title or the author of the book.

Screenshot from HAMK Finna. Book Simple questions give brilliant answers, call number 65.012.4. Eklund.

2. Search for the shelf number by looking at the lists at the end of the library shelves. Shelf numbers are arranged numerically but they come in different forms, for instance 628.2/.3, 698/699 ja 747+749. The shelf number on Finna is the same number that appears at the end of the shelves and on the label on the spine of the book. The lists show in which row of the shelves the shelf number can be found.
Shelf numbers are listed on two papers on the end of each shelf. Right hand side paper’s numbers are on the right side of the shelf.
3. Shelf numbers are marked on the edge of the shelf. Find the right shelf number.
Library shelves.
4. You are now at the class indicated by the shelf number, by the A-letter section. The books are arranged alphabetically according to the headword. Numbers are shelved before letters. The shelving continues as shown by the picture. If a category is shelved in two different rows, you might find yourself in the middle of the alphabet of that category instead of the beginning (numbers, letter A).
Books alphabetically by their headword, DRUCKER-ESIMIES, on library shelf.
Red arrows indicating that shelving goes down the shelf, then to the top shelf of the shelf on the right and down from there.
5. Check the first letters of the headword in the call number. Search for the right location by looking at the labels on the spines of the books. Then read the spines. The books are arranged alphabetically.
6. You found your book! Remember to borrow it by using the lending machine.
Book Simple questions give brilliant answers.

7. In case you don’t find the book that you are looking for, check the returns shelf, which is located by the self-check out machine. If you can’t find your book there either, check if the book is on display in the library, for instance on the new items shelf. Remember that you can contact the library customer services during the opening hours. We will help you find the right book!

Library Mystery - online game for new students

You can play the Library Mystery online game here.

The game will help you get to know HAMK library. If you have any problems with the game, you can contact the library through the game’s feedback form.

Library info for HAMK staff and students