Library services for graduates

Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu

Library services for graduates

17.12.2018 08:05

Congratulations for graduating soon! HAMK library warmly welcomes you to use the library services after your graduation. Your library card will automatically stay valid after your graduation.


What do you need to do then? You need to check and update your contact details, especially your email address. Check and update your contact details in HAMK Finna.

If you’ve lost your library card or if you don’t have one, please come and see us at one of our campus libraries. Take your valid ID with you and we will make you a library card on the spot.

What can HAMK library offer you after your graduation?

  • As a HAMK library customer, you can borrow any books in our basic collection from any of our seven campus libraries. You can make reservations and choose which of our campus libraries you would like to pick them up from, free of charge.
  • You can borrow books for 28 days at a time, just like before. You can renew your loans five times if there are no reservations, just like before. You can now borrow 20 books at a time instead of the 40 you could borrow as a student.
  • You can use our printed journals collection during the campus libraries’ opening hours.
  • You can access our e-books and e-journals on the campus library computers. Please ask the library staff to log in to the computer for you.
  • Inter library loans outside HAMK library will cost you 10 € / loan after your graduation.
  • You are welcome to use our facilities during the campus libraries’ opening hours.
  • Library staff is here for you, please contact us whenever you have questions about our services.

To renew, reserve, make payments and update your contact details please log in HAMK Finna with your library card number and your pin code.

For more information about HAMK library services and for our opening hours, please see HAMK library web page.

Congratulations one more time, and good luck for your future! We look forward to seeing you again!