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Light Entrepreneurship
Liiketalouden kehittaminen ihminen kannettavalla tietokoneella
Light Entrepreneurship

Light Entrepreneurship

Light Entrepreneurship

What is a Light Entrepreneurship?

As a light entrepreneur, you can offer your skills or professional skills to companies, organizations or individuals. As a light entrepreneur, you are not employed by a service buyer, but you conduct them an assignment. You agree of the terms, the price and implementation directly with the buyer. You can start a light entrepreneurship by looking for a suitable service provider, such as Pooli (Tiitus related service) or OP. The service provider takes care of all the necessary paperwork such as accounting, pension and unemployment insurance, taxation and legislation. Because in Light Entrepreneurship Services, service billing is only charged at the time of your customer billing, you will not incur regular fixed costs or service fees, meaning you only pay for services when you have billing.

How does this work?

Light entrepreneurship is a flexible way to work as per to your schedule and without the paperwork that entrepreneurship brings along. First you agree on the assignment with the client and execute the assignment. After that your light entrepreneurship service provider will take care of the billing and related accounting, taxation and other ancillary costs. There are various light entrepreneurship service providers in the market, and you can check out the offer online. Light entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship with or without a business ID. You can choose a service according to your needs. The business ID allows deductions to be made from the business and could be more appropriate if, for example, you sell products and not services.

The services at HAMK (operating with or without the Business ID)

OP Light Entrepreneurship (operating with the Business ID)

Häme University of Applied Sciences offers students and alumnis a platform called HAMK Talents / Tiitus. On the platform the service buyers can offer assignments to light entrepreneurs. Your light entrepreneur profile can be browsed in the service, and those interested for the services can contact you directly via the platform. Please note that you need to carefully fill out the background information and skills in your profile for clients to see your profile.

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