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Management and Administration
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Management and Administration

HAMK is a Limited Company

Häme University of Applied Sciences has been a limited company since 1 January 2015.

The new Finnish act on universities of applied sciences entered into force on 1 January 2015. According to the new act, all Finnish universities of applied sciences operate as limited companies. ​

As of 1 January 2015, the English name of Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd) is Häme University of Applied Sciences (formerly HAMK University of Applied Sciences). The abbreviation and our brand name HAMK will remain the same (deriving from our Finnish name: Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy).

Häme University of Applied Sciences continues to provide the same high-level education, research and development as before and previous agreements with our partner institutions continue to be in force.


HAMK organisation chart 2023.


The board is elected for a term of four years. The Municipality of Tammela and Municipality of Hattula have a rotating board position and the exchange of the board positions takes place every two years.

The city of Hämeenlinna: Tarja Filatov, chair and Kirsi Lehto

The city of Riihimäki: Kari Moisiola, 2nd vice chair

The city of Valkeakoski: Veera Kiretti, 1st vice chair

The city of Forssa: Jari Marjamäki

The Municipality of Hattula: Pasi Niemi (2021-2023)

Economic life representative: Mika Laine

Student representative: Piia Gauriloff

Staff representative: Leenakaija Lehto


pertti puusaari
Pertti Puusaari President, CEO
Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä
Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä Vice President
Johanna Närhi
Johanna Närhi Director of Finance and Administration
Tuomas Salonen
Tuomas Salonen Director of Real Estate
Mari Kamaja
Mari Kamaja Director of Communications
Anne-Maarit Selinummi
Anne-Maarit Selinummi Head of Digital Services
Anna Olkinuora
Anna Olkinuora Dean, School of Health and Social Services
Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen
Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen Dean, School of Professional Teacher Education
Lassi Martikainen
Lassi Martikainen Dean, School of Business, Design and Technology
Mona-Anitta Riihimäki
Mona-Anitta Riihimäki Dean, School of Biotechnology and Natural Resources
Annukka Pakarinen
Annukka Pakarinen Director, Research Unit HAMK Bio
Martti Majuri
Martti Majuri Director, Research Unit HAMK Edu
Jukka Pulkkinen
Jukka Pulkkinen Director, Research Unit HAMK Smart & HAMK Tech
Toni Laitinen
Toni Laitinen Chief Shop Steward
Jari Jussila
Jari Jussila Director of HAMK Design Factory, HAMK Design Factory

Chair of HAMKO board: Anna Kouri, student representative

Häme University of Applied Sciences
PO Box 230
13101 Hämeenlinna
Phone: +358 3 6461

Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd
Business ID: 2617489-3

President, CEO:
Pertti Puusaari

Executive Assistant:
Annika Mastokangas

Postal address:
PO Box 230, FI-13101 Hämeenlinna

Invoicing address:
PO Box 231, FI-13101 Hämeenlinna

Electronic invoices:
EDI: TE003726174893
Operator: Tieto Oyj
Operator ID: 003701011385

Erasmus code: SF HAMEENL09